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August 2015

Link to presentations from the Waimānalo Organic Farming Field Day, August 2015.

Featuring updates and exhibits on:

July 2015

In our special summer fruit issue of HānaiʻAi, we feature the upcoming and proudly introduce twomembers with research interest in . of Makaha Mangoes, our featured farmer, is well-known statewide for his avid promotion of Hawaii’s tropical fruit crops. Read about , in Hawaii plus articles on.

May 2015

Original CTAHR research on the nutrient retention capacity of (charcoal based soil amendment), verification of rapid in-field , and the in the spring 2015 issue of HānaiʻAi. Our featured farmer has been commercially producing certified organic edible mushrooms for 5 years.

January 2015

coming to Waimanalo and Poamoho. Learn more here.

, food safety in , and updates for are featured in the Winter 2014-2015 issue of HānaiʻAi. Learn about from linked publications and from featured farmer of Island Foodscapes.

November 3, 2014

(YouTube): Dr. Koon-Hui Wang and colleagues talk about the benefits of using vermicompost as a soil amendment or as vermicompost tea (VCT). Vermicompost tea produced through proper brewing or curing procedures provides significant plant available nutrients, beneficial plant growth promoting agents, and soil amendments with high water holding capacity. VCT used as a drenching solution can reduce damage from plant pathogens and arthropod pests. http://youtu.be/7pQBWyQYum0

October 20, 2014

, , , and take center stage in this Fall 2014 issue of HānaiʻAi. We feature a new program , the Center for Rural Agricultural Training and Entrepreneurship. Meet a longtime sustainable agriculture advocate and this issue's featured farmer, .

September 3, 2014

Links to presentations from the 2014 Banana Mini-Conference are now available.

August 28, 2014

New publication available! Enhancing soil function and plant health with locally available resources by Ted Radovich, Archana Pant, Amjad Ahmad, Craig Elevitch, and Nguyen Hue

July 24, 2014

, and -- these topics and many others are covered in the Summer 2014 issue of HānaiʻAi. Learn how get a price premium for certified organic and high quality products.

April 22, 2014

Enjoy the spring issue of HānaiʻAi, with articles on many topics ranging from updates to , to mapping our state butterfly populations, local products for fertigation and cool season cover crop trials, plus a new video demonstrating a clever way to simplify Our featured farmer is , a leader in Hawaii agritourism at Ali'i Kula Lavender, Maui.

January 28, 2014

, , and more! Check out the winter 2013-2014 issue of HānaiʻAi, and meet a graduate of the Molokaʻi Native Hawaiian Beginning Farmer Program, .

October 15, 2013

View our fall issue of HānaiʻAi with articles on wasp nesting blocks, rearing and releasing , and growing to attract pollinators and control insect pests. Read about the advantages of and . Come to Kipahulu, Maui, to meet our featured farm family, the of ONO Organic Farms.

Miss the ? View the agenda and presentations at the workshop website.

July 15, 2013

SOAP is now on FB logo Facebook and Twitter logo Twitter!

Read our summer issue of HānaiʻAi introducing a new section for , and articles on available from NRCS, planning, more good news about the , and much more. Our featured farm ʻohana is of Kane Farm, Waiʻanae, Oʻahu. Don't miss your chance to give input on the .

June 2013

See the presentations from the conference which took place May 25th.

April 2013

See the spring issue of HānaiʻAi, with articles on , ,  , and what is . This issue’s featured farmer is , an experienced organic vegetable farmer growing in Waimea.

January 2013

: UH program helps new farmers (KITV News, 23 Jan 2013). Link to GoFarm Hawaii at http://www.gofarmhawaii.org/

The Winter 2012-2013 issue of HānaiʻAi, has been posted, with extension updates on , yield and phytonutrient content of , promising as substitutes for imported fertilizers, as well as articles about the WSARE conference Strengthening Agriculture's Infrastructure, and an interview with Myrone and Carol Murakami.

October 2012

See the fall issue of HānaiʻAi, with a special focus on in Hawai'i plus extension updates from CTAHR and NRCS, which highlight valuable strategies to maintain , and .

August 2012

Learn about the Agribusiness Incubator Program's Beginning Farmer Training Tour which took place from July 17 – 20, 2012.

July 2012

In the summer issue of HānaiʻAi, learn about managing (the Giant African), low-cost measures farmers use to in Waimanalo, virus screening trials for , and research on in sunn hemp that keep nematodes at bay. Learn about in our Featured Farmer article by of Alluvion, Inc.

June 2012

Presentations from the worshop "Protecting Beneficials in Hawai‘i and the American Pacific" (April 2012) posted.

May 2012

Presentations from the WSARE PDP worshop "Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator: Hawai'i" (April 2012) posted.

April 2012

The spring issue of HānaiʻAi is available, with articles on spicy-hot , raising , cover crops to attract , and farm practices to benefit our state’s only land mammal, the endangered (Hawaiian hoary bat). Meet of Kapapala Ranch at Ka‘u.

January 2012

The winter issue of HānaiʻAi, CTAHR’s sustainable agriculture newsletter is available, with articles on , , use in , and announcing the publication of "" edited by Radovich and Arancon.

November 2011

CTAHR/Hawaii Aquaculture and Aquaponics Association Workshop

October 2011

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association Meeting

Friday, October 21, 2011
Komohana Research and Extension Center ~ Hilo

The fall issue of HānaiʻAi is available, with articles on in Hawai‘i, research, and a feature on in Ka'u, Big Island.

July 2011

The summer issue of HānaiʻAi is available, with articles on in Hawai‘i, TYLCV-resistant tomato varieties, sunn hemp limitations, locally grown beef, the, , and a feature on in Ho‘olehua, Moloka‘i.

Challenges and Opportunities of Soil-Less Farming in Hawai'i

May 2011

2011 Organic Symposium: May 27, 2011
UH Manoa, Ag Sciences Bldg, Rm 219

Reservation recommended to HOFA by April 29th, (808) 969-7789, hofa@hawaiiorganic.org. Sponsored by USDA WSARE R&E Program, UHH College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural ResourceManagement, and UHM College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

March 2011

The spring issue of HānaiʻAi, the sustainable agriculture newsletter of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources is available, with articles on , new research reports on and, and a feature on in Mililani.

December 2010

The winter issue of HānaiʻAi is available, with articles on for Hawai'i, opportunities for growing , to turn low qualiy produce into profit, , and a feature on who farm in Ho’olehua, Moloka’i.

September 2010

: Status Report Sept. 2010
We are currently having one of the more severe epidemics of MMV. It is reported on all islands and can be a killer. MMV (‘maize mosaic virus’) is a serious dwarfing disease, originally called “maize stunt”. READ full announcement here.

The fall issue of HānaiʻAi, the sustainable agriculture newsletter of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources is available, with articles on , , variety trials, farming practices that help , and a feature on Milton Agader and Aquilino Medrano of , Waialua, O‘ahu.

June 2010

The summer issue of HānaiʻAi, the sustainable agriculture newsletter of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources is available, with articles on , , dry litter , arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM), and a feature on .

May 2010

We are delighted to announce the members of the newly formed: Alton Arakaki, Linda Cox, Tane Datta, Ranae Ganske-Cerizo, Una Greenaway, Grant Hamachi, Susan Matsushima, and Jerry Ornellas. The WSARE PDP program provides professional development opportunities for CES agents, NRCS staff and others agricultural professionals.

It is also a pleasure to congratulate the for the 2010 cycle:

Research and Education Grants:

Producer Grants:

Professional + Producer Grants

March 2010

In the spring issue of HānaiʻAi, read about on Maui, about manipulating crop nutrients and flavor, odorless swine production, backyard chicken farming, how to develop a marketing strategy using as an example, and much more.

February 2010: Workshops

Local Immigrant Farm Education (LIFE) Program: Tackling Melon Fly Pests in a Simplified Manner

Natural Farming with Master Cho | A New Wave: In Harmony with Nature

December 2009

Discover from Tane and Maureen Datta of Adaptations, about fruit and vegetable quality, direct marketing, beneficial insects, grant opportunities, and get the on new videos and publications in our Winter 2009 issue of HānaiʻAi, the sustainable agriculture newsletter of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

November 2009

New CTAHR publications:

Overview of Organic Food Crop Systems in Hawai‘i by T. Radovich, L. Cox, and J. Hollyer. Prior to 2007, the specific challenges faced by organic producers in Hawai‘i were unknown. In that year, UH-CTAHR initiated an analysis of organic agricultural systems, in partnership with the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture (HDOA) and The Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation (HFBF), to determine the issues faced by this group and the actions required to address critical issues. This publication describes this effort, gives a summary of the results, and includes a discussion of the implications suggested by the analysis.

Small-Scale Lettuce Production with Hydroponics or Aquaponics by H. Ako and A. Baker

September 2009

Premiere issue of HānaiʻAi goes on-line and is distributed via email.

Producing Organic Papaya Seed: Dr. Ted Radovich, Extension Specialist at CTAHR's Sustainable and Organic Farming Systems Laboratory, outlines how to screen papaya plants to determine which have not been genetically engineered, how to bag flowers to exclude pollen from other trees, and how to process seed. [6:47 min]

August 2009: Perennial Peanut Publication

New CTAHR publication: Benefits and Costs of Using Perennial Peanut as Living Mulch for Fruit Trees in Hawai‘i. Major revision to Perennial Peanut webpage with newest research information added.

May 2009: Program Merger

CTAHR merges Sustainable Agriculture program and Organic Program.