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Vol 23: March | April | May 2015

Fung Yang of Small Kine Farm

Featured Farmer: Fung Yang, Small Kine Farm
Borrowing Money for your Business
Pollinator Habitat Guide available online
Nutrient retention capacity of biochar
Unravelling the Mysteries of Francisellosis and Developing Strategies for Prevention and Mitigation in Cultured Tilapia
Comparison of potassium (K+) status in pak choi (Brassica rapa Chinensis group) using rapid cardy meter sap test and ICP spectrometry
Hot Water Treatment as Potential Control of Mites and Scales on Tea Plants

And much more...

Vol 22: December 2014 | January | February 2015

Justin Franzmeier, Wailupe Farms & Island Foodscaping

Featured Farmer: Justin Franzmeier, Wailupe Farms & Island Foodscaping
Basic Bookkeeping: Tracking your money for compliance and business success
Field screening of tomato varieties resistant to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Hawaii
Interested in selling eggs?
Integrated Disease Management on Banana Orchards


Vol 21: September | October | November 2014

Jerry Ornellas

Featured Farmer: Jerry Ornellas, Kapaʻa Homestead, Kauaʻi
Target Markets: Increase your sales by knowing who you’re selling to
Effect of Intercropping Three Legume Species on Early Growth of Sweet Corn (Zea mays)
Evaluation of Various Pathogen Remediation Strategies for Soil and Soilless Farming Systems in Anticipation of the New Food Safety Guidelines
Evaluation of Microbes for Field Application in Hawaii
Suppression of Mites by Vermicompost Tea on Tea plant (Camellia sinensis)


Vol 20: June | July | August 2014

Paul & Charlie Reppun

Featured Farmer: Paul & Charlie Reppun, Waianu Farm, Waiahole, Oʻahu
Cash Flow: Determine how much cash you need to operate your business
Maui MG Program: Attractors, Repellants, Trappers and Pollinators – Insectary Plants
Small-scale Laying Hen Feeding Trial
Determining fruit fly (Family Tephritidae) host status of moringa tree pods, Moringa oleifera Lam., in Hawaiʻi
Mushroom Compost to battle against nematode pests on vegetable crops
Persian Cucumber (Beit Alpha) Variety Screening 2014
New Farmer Training Symposium


Vol 19: March | April | May 2014

Koa Chang, Alii Kula Lavendar

Featured Farmer: Koa Chang, Aliʻi Kula Lavender Farm, Kula, Maui
Business Structure and Registration: Determine the form of ownership that best suits your business venture
Ti Leaf Diseases in Hawaii’s Commercial Orchards
Soil Solarization as a non-chemical preemergent weed control tool on Oahu
Rhizosphere Inoculum and Amendment
New Improvements on Coffee Berry Borer Management
Producing High Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer for Fertigation Purposes
Performance of cool season cover crop in Lalamilo, Waimea, HI, Winter 2013-2014
Honeybee diet: individual forager decisions and colony health correlates


Vol 18: December 2013 | January | February 2014

William Tubz Kalipi, Loko Makaʻi Farm

Featured Farmer: William Tubz Kalipi, Loko Maikaʻi Farm, Hoʻolehua, Molokaʻi
Positioning and Branding: Differentiate Yourself
Peaches in Hawaii?
Turfgrass Integrated Pest Management
Do It Yourself Affordable Screen Houses
USDA-APHIS Web-Based Tools for “Bug Busting”
Hawai‘i’s Growing Farm to School Movement
The Hawai‘i Public Seed Network Continues to Grow


Vol 17: September | October | November 2013

Chuck Boerner, Ono Organic Farms

Featured Farmer: Chuck, Lily & Pueo Boerner, ONO Organic Farms, Kipahulu, Maui
The Marketing Mix: Attracting your target market through an integrated effort
Wasps Nesting Block: A condominium to attract Natural Enemies of Insect Pests
Biological control of corn earworm – sunn hemp enhancement compared to mass releases of parasitoids
Strip-till cover cropping and vermicompost extracts improve soil and plant health in a short-term vegetable cropping system
Train the Trainers, Hawaii Public Seed Initiative


Vol 16: June | July | August 2013 Owen Kanehiro, Kane Farm, Waiʻanae Oʻahu

Featured Farmer: Ann and Owen Kaneshiro, Kane Farm, Waiʻanae, Oʻahu
Cost of Production
The Nutrition Benefits of Eating Locally
Investigating the probable cause of crop decline in central Oʻahu
West Maui Coral Reef Initiative
Rapid Carbon Assessment comes to Hawai‘i


Vol 15: March | April | May 2013 Chris Robb, Robb Farms Waimea

Featured Farmer: Chris Robb, Robb Farms, Waimea, Hawai'i
What is Local Food and Who Wants What?
Sustainable Practices to Boost Tree Seedling Performance
Food Security and Economic Sustainability: Current Research in Tropical Fruit Production at the University of Hawaii
An Overview of Survey Respondents Interested in Organic Cotton Products
Shining bright in Waianae: How bees and reflective mulch can improve vegetable production in Hawaii
Not All Lady Beetles are Created Equal: Learn about different Types of Lady Beetles in Hawaiʻi with Special Talent
Evaluating Promising New Eggplant Varieties


Vol 14: December 2012 | January | February 2013Murakami Farm

Featured Farmer: Myrone and Carol Murakami, Murakami Farm, Kahaluʻu, Oʻahu
Preparing Your Business for the Future of Agriculture
Use of Korean Natural Farming for Vegetable Crop Production in Hawai‘i
Hawaii’s Locally Produced Composts: Nitrogen release and effects on pak choi (Brassica rapa var. chinensis) growth
Yield and phytonutrient content of aquaponically grown pak choi (Brassica rapa, Chinensis group)
Hawai‘i Public Seed Initiative: Train the Trainers 2013


Vol 13: September | October | November 2012Island Harvest Organics at farmers market

Featured Farmer: Alex & Mimi Karp, Island Harvest Organics, Pahoa, Hawaiʻi
Business Basics for Beginning Farmers
Growing Farmers in the Northeast
The 4-R’s of Nutrient Management
Prepare for the Rainy Season – Simple Steps to Reduce the Risk of Soil Erosion
Release Secusio: Transitioning to a Biocontrol Management Program for Fireweed (Senecio madagasceriensis) on Maui


Vol 12: June | July | August 2012 Alluvion small dish garden

Featured Farmer: Susan & Chad Matsushima, Alluvion, Inc., Haleiwa, Oʻahu
National Efforts to Evaluate Agriculture’s Sustainability
The Giant African Snail
Waimānalo Farmers Implement Best Management Practices for Improved Water Quality
The Challenge of Maintaining Soil Organic Matter
The Secret of the Allelopathic Effect of Sunn Hemp for Suppressing Plant-parasitic Nematodes
Preliminary Screening for Virus Resistance in Organic Field Grown Tomatoes
Nutrition Benefits of Fish Consumption


Vol 11: Mar | Apr | May 2012Kapapala Ranch, Kau Hawaii

Featured Farmer: Lani & Bill Petrie; Glen Krebs, Kapapala Ranch, Ka'u, Hawai‘i
Evaluating Sustainability in Agriculture
It's Hot in Hawai'i: Capsaicin Content of Hawaii-grown Chili Peppers
Farmers Can Help our Hawaiian Hoary Bats
Sheep and Goat Basics for Hawaii
Cover Crops as Insectary Plants to Enhance Above and Below Ground Beneficial Organisms
Ecosystem Services from Trees in Coffee Agroecosystems
The Hawaii Public Seed Initiative


Vol 10: Dec 2011 | Jan | Feb 2012

Ned Whitlock, Moloa'a Organica

Feature Farmer: Ned & Marta Whitlock, Moloa'a Organica'a, Anahola, Kaua‘i
Why Local Agricultural Products Cost So Much
Beneficial Use of Vermicompost in Aquaponic Vegetable Production
Worm castings stimulates germination of seedlings for aquaponics sytem
Using Manures to Improve Sweet Corn Biomass and its Nutrient Content
Land Preservation in Hawai`i: A statewide workshop highlighting Conservation Easements and Land Preservation Tools


Vol 9: Sept | Oct | Nov 2011 Lorie Obra of Rusty's Hawaiian Kau Coffee

Featured Farmer: Lorie Obra, Rusty’s Hawaiian, Pahala, Hawai‘i
Saving Seeds
Farms and Families: Keeping Business Concerns Separate From Family Concerns
The Basics of Biochar: A Natural Soil Amendment [SCM 30]
Beneficial Use of Biochar To Correct Soil Acidity
Romaine lettuce Variety Trials in Hawaii: Winter, Spring and Summer Trial


Vol 8: June | July | Aug 2011 Tamanaha Ohana

Featured Farmer: Rick Tamanaha, Kaleikoa Farms, Ho'olehua, Moloka‘i
Outstanding in Their Field: Farmer Perspectives on Sustainable Agriculture in Hawai'i
Field Evaluations of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Resistant Varieties for Commercial Production
Improving the Status of Sunn hemp as a Cover Crop for Soil Health and Pest Management
Growing Local Beef Products
HFBF Organic Symposium


Vol 7: Mar | Apr | May 2011 Lau Ohana and Suzanne

Featured Farmers: Fred & Brendon Lau, Mari’s Garden, Mililani, Oʻahu
Promoting plant growth with Compost Teas
Understanding Entrepreneurship
Nitrogen Synchronization from Organic Manure Applications as measured from Soil Solution and SPAD Readings for growing sweet corn
Effect of Irrigation Regime on Yield and Quality of Three Varieties of Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
Root growth of sweet corn as a function of organic manure applications to a Mollisol (Waimanalo soil) of Oʻahu, Hawaii
Pigeon peas: A Multipurpose Crop for Hawaii


Vol 6: Dec 2010 | Jan | Feb 2011 Tuipolotu Family

Featured Farmers: Faith & Tio Tuipolotu, Tuipolotu Farm, Ho'olehua, Moloka‘i
Heirloom vegetable varieties: a promising future for past treasures?
Building a More Sustainable Food System in Hawaii
The Kulanui Project
Focus on Value Added Food Products At Maui Culinary Academy Research & Development Center
Youth Gardening Program Overview
Hawaiʻi School Garden Hui
Funding and Technical Assistance Available from USDA NRCS for Cover Crops and other Conservation Practices
Vetiver – A Valuable Grass for Erosion Control
Composting: Some Basic Requirements
Challenges and Opportunities for Aquaponics in CTAHR
‘Kalakoa’ – Hawaiian-Indian Corn
Banana Bunchy Top Virus and Nematode Management on Banana


Vol 5: Sept | Oct | Nov 2010 Agader Ohana: Twin Bridge

Featured Farmers: Milton Agader & Aquilino Medrano, Twin Bridge, Waialua, Oʻahu
"Organic" Pesticides: What's the Cost?
How the Varroa mite is changing the way we farm in Hawaii
What do you do with 829 tons of algae?
Evaluating Limu Compost as a Soil Amendment
Evaluation of Resistant Tomato Yellows Leaf Curl Virus Varieties
Alleviating Soil Acidity with Crop Residues
Advice for Farmers growing New or Unfamiliar Crops
Native Wildlife Habitat and Farming: Yes, They are Compatible
Earthworms in the Farm
Why do organic farmers need to keep good nematodes in their soil?


Vol 4: June | July | Aug 2010 Wooten Ohana

Featured Farmer: Wooten ʻOhana, Kauaʻi Kunana Dairy, Kilauea, Kauaʻi
Cover Your Asset: Choosing appropriate cover crops for your Production System
Price Maker or Price Taker? How to Differentiate your Products
Avocado in Kona
Fruit quality of 'Sharwil' Avocado grown at three locations in South Kona
Sustainable Seed Production and Cover Crops
Dry Litter Systems for Small-Scale Piggery Operations
Opportunities for the Application of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Technology in Hawaii
Improving Marigold cover cropping for Nematode Management


Vol 3: Mar | Apr | May 2010 Kula Country Farms

Featured Farmer: Chauncy Monden, Kula Country Farms, Kula, Maui
Farming for Functionality: Enhancing phytonutrients in vegetables through crop management
Get Ready to Retail Your Products
Functional Foods: The Crossroads of Nutrition, Food Science and Agriculture
The Sweet Smell of Success: The Odorless Piggery
Changes in soil properties and vegetable growth/quality during the transition toward organic farming in Hawaii
Pastured Poultry for the Backyard
Soil solarization and cover cropping as alternatives to soil fumigation for pineapple growers in Hawaii
Fate of Organic Amendments Within and Below the Crop Root Zone


Vol 2: Dec 2009 | Jan | Feb 2010 Datta Ohana

Featured Farmer: Tane & Maureen Datta, Adaptations, South Kona, Hawaiʻi
Fruit and Vegetable Quality: It Matters!
Direct Marketing of Your Agricultural Products
Managing Shade Trees for Coffee Can Benefit the Soil
Strip Till Cover Cropping and Row-Switching Technique
Breeding crops for sustainable pesticide-free production in Hawaii: History of sweet and field corns bred at CTAHR
Flashcards Available for: Braconid Wasps, Encrytid Wasps, Hover Flies, Ichneumonid Wasps, Lacewings, Lady Beetles, Predatory Mites, Pteromalid Wasps, Trichogramma Wasps


Vol 1: Sept | Oct | Nov 2009 Ho Ohana

Featured Farmer: Ho Farms, Kahuku, O'ahu
Compost: Using it Effectively
Cost of Production
Improving sunn hemp benefits by integrating with Solarization
Grafting for Managing Soilborne Diseases
Varroa Mite in Bees
Vermicompost Research Update 2009