AIP Tour Group

Agribusiness Incubator Program
Beginning Farmer Training Tour

July 17 – 20, 2012

Tufts New Entry Sustainable Farming Project


  1. Explore Farming course
  2. Farm Business Planning and Distance Learning option
  3. Training Farm Program, Current Workshops
  4. Marketing Assistance (World PEAS Cooperative CSA)
  5. Transitioning to your own farm (Farmland Matching Service)

Visiting New Entry Farm

National Incubator Farm Training Initiative (NIFTI)


The Farm School

The Farm School

University of Vermont

University of Vermont

Ecological Agriculture Degree

Farmer Training Program at the University of Vermont
(continuing education program)

City Market/Onion River Co-Op

City Market - Onion River Co-Op

Intervale Community Farm

Intervale Center

180 Intervale Road, Burlington, Vermont 05401


  1. Farms Program
  2. Success on Farms (Business Planning)
  3. Intervale Food Hub
  4. Intervale Conservation Nursery
  5. Abenaki Heritage Garden
  6. Intervale Gleaning and Food Rescue
CSA prep area at Invervale Farm

Intervale Farms (* farms visited)

Sugar Snap (restaurant, affiliated with Intervale)

Summervale (weekly festivals in summer in support of local ag)

Blueberries at Adams Berry Farm

Photos by Eric Shimizu and Jody Smith