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Horticulture Digest

Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #102

In early colonial times, 98 percent of the American population farmed and 2 percent lived in villages. Today, this situation has reversed. Only 2 percent of our population farm, and the other 98 percent buy food and fiber from nearby stores and restaurant s. The U.S. has the lowest percentage of labor force engaged in agriculture:

U.S.              2%

Japan            12%

Soviet Union     14%

Mexico           36%

Nicaragua        43%

India            69%

Tanzania         83%

"Over the years, you grow up thinking that the greater quality you give a customer, the higher the price. We now know that's not true. Quality drives costs down."

-David T. Kearns

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