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Horticulture Digest

Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #102

There are a number of publications available from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), University of Hawaii at Manoa, free of charge. Included are a number in the HITAHR BRIEF series that might be of interest including:

013-Recommended Fruits and Nuts for the Home Garden (rev.)
by Richard A. Hamilton (Ret.), ta_hort1@avax.ctahr.hawaii.edu
(808) 956-8351

077-Calonectria Leaf Spot of Forster Sentry Palm
by Janice Y. Uchida, ta_path@avax.ctahr.hawaii.edu
(808) 956-2828

084-Foliar Blight of Spathiphyllum Caused by Phytophthora
by Janice Y. Uchida

085-Heliconia Root Rot and Foliar Blight Caused by Cylindrocladium
by Janice Y. Uchida

090-Pythium Root Rot of Spathiphyllum
by Janice Y. Uchida

093-Foliar Blight of Leea Caused by a Phytophthora Species
by M. Aragaki, ta_path@avax.ctahr.hawaii.edu
(808) 956-2827

094-Colletotrichum Blossom Rot of Dendrobium
by Janice Y. Uchida

102-Herbicides for Home Lawns and Garden
by Philip S. Motooka, ta_haw3@avax.ctahr.hawaii.edu
(808) 324-0488

103-Dracaena Decline and Root Rot
by Janice Y. Uchida

105-Woody Plant Control for the Homeowner
by Philip S. Motooka

106-A New Aglaonema Foliar Blight and Crown Rot
by Janice Y. Uchida

108-A Systems Approach to Eliminating Quarantine Pests on Floral Ginger
by Arnold H. Hara, arnold@hawaii.edu
(808) 935-2885

109-An Insecticide Dip for Tropical Cut Flowers and Foliage
by Arnold H. Hara

110-The Berlese Funnel, A Tool for Monitoring Thrips on Orchid
by Arnold H. Hara

112-Common Mistakes in Papaya Ringspot Virus Control
by Melvin S. Nishina, mnishina@hawaii.edu

These publications are available only from the author as there is not adequate storage space provided to CTAHR Agricultural Publications Office on campus. The phone number to request copies of these publications is listed after the author.

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