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Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #104

In the course of hybridizing anthuriums, novelties or oddities appear from time to time. Although most of them might not be suitable for commercial cropping, they might be of interest to anthurium hobbyists and plant collectors. Three selections which might be classified as novelty or oddity are 'Satan', 'Hokule'a' and 'Mini Gem'.

'Satan' (RS970-4)

Dr. Richard D. Sheffer, while he was a graduate student at the University of Hawai'i, made an interesting cross in 1971 between Anthurium lindenianum of section Calomystrium and A. cerrocampanense of section Cardiolonchium in c onnection with his studies to elucidate species relationships in the genus Anthurium. The hybrid offspring did not exhibit horticulturally significant characteristics except for one individual, RS970-4, that produced multiple spadices. The number o f spadices varied from l to 4, and occasionally more than 4. This selection, named 'Satan', might be of interest to growers seeking unusual forms.
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'Hokule'a' (UH1180)

An interspecific hybrid between Anthurium lindenianum and A. amnicola backcrossed to A. Iindenianum produced a unique variant with two pink (Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart 54C) spathes facing in opposite directions. The larg er spathe is about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, while the smaller spathe is about 2 inches long.
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'Mini Gem' (UH1207)

A cross between a sibling of 'ARCS' (UH587-47) backcrossed to A. amnicola has given rise to an offspring similar to A. amnicola but with slightly larger, dark purple (RHSCC 77A) spathes. The spathe measures about 2 l/4 inches long and l l/2 inches wide. The spadix is also dark purple (RHSCC 79B). This cultivar named 'Mini Gem' might be considered an improvement over the parental species, A. amnicola.

H. Kamemoto, haruyuki@hawaii.edu
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