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Horticulture Digest

Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #108

Recently published fact sheets in the CTAHR Instant Information Series, Ornamentals and Flowers, can be obtained by contacting the Department of Horticulture, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI 96822-2279.

Some new titles are given here, listed by their O&F series number:

17. Hala, by Rhonda Stibbe, David Hensley, and Fred Rauch.

18. Bamboo for forest and garden, by Norman C. Bezona and Fred D. Rauch

19. Naio

20. 'A'ali'i

21. Kauai white hibiscus

22. Oahu white hibiscus

Numbers 19-22 were written by Fred D. Rauch, Heidi L. Bornhorst, Rhonda Stibbe, and David Hensley.

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