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Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #110

Centipedegrass by David Hensley (dhensley@hawaii.edu), Charles Murdoch, and James Tavares.
Instant Information-Turf Management Series No. 5 includes information on establishment, selections, mowing, nutrition, irrigation, and pests of this popular turfgrass.

Anthurium Culture in Hawaii, edited by Tadashi Higaki, Joanne S. Lichty (lichty@hawaii.edu), and Darlene Moniz.
CTAHR Research Extension Series 152 is a revision of circular 420 and provides current information of on the common cultivars, propagation, culture and environment, pest and diseases, pest management, and postharvest handling of this attractive cut flower.

Proceedings, 7th Hawaii Anthurium Industry Conference, edited by Kathleen M. Delate (kdelate@hawaii.edu) and Elda Rae Yoshimura.
This publication contains papers presented at the conference held August 18, 1994, at the Komohana CES office, Hilo, Hawaii.

Proceedings, 3rd Multicommodity Cutflower Industry Conference, edited by Ken W. Leonhardt (leonhard@hawaii.edu) and Dale O. Evans
This publication contains papers presented at the conference held October 18-19, 1994, at the Hawaii Naniloa Hotel, Hilo, Hawaii.

Copies of these CTAHR publications may be obtained by contacting your local Cooperative Extension Service office or by calling the CTAHR publication request number, (808) 956-7046.

Also . . .

The American Nurseryman Publishing Company announces the availability of a free catalog containing over 600 horticulture books, videos and software listings. Contact American Nurseryman Publishing Co., Book Department, 77 West Washington St., Suite 2100, Chicago, IL, 60602 or call (800) 621-5727 for your copy.

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