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Date Last Edited:  08/24/2001

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Horticulture Digest #99

The cross between amphidiploid Dendrobium Macrobig (D. macrophyllum x D. biggibum) and diploid D. spectabile with brown twisted petals and sepals produced offspring with attractive purple-violet, star-shaped flowers with conspicuous w hite edges on sepals, petals and lip. This triploid hybrid with one chromosome set (genome) each of D. macrophyllum, D. spectabile and D. biggibum was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society as Dendrobium Pua'ala. Seve ral flowering plants of D. Pua'ala displayed at orchids shows in Honolulu received recognition:

  • best lavender dendrobium at the 1991 Manoa Orchid Show
  • best lavender dendrobium at the 1991 Kunia Orchid and Flower Show
  • special award at the 1990 Honolulu Orchid Society Show, and
  • second place for lavender dendrobium at the 1991 Orchid Expo-State Farm Fair.

Besides the unique and attractive sprays, individual flowers of D. Pua'ala can be sewn into beautiful leis. Petals and sepals are firm with good substance, and leis have kept exceedingly well when properly stored in a refrigerator. Because of the d esirable features of D. Pua'ala as potted plants and individual lei flowers, we have repeated the cross and released seed pods as UH1182 (Pua'ala) to the dendrobium growers associations.

H. Kamemoto, haruyuki@hawaii.edu
A. R. Kuehnle, heidi@hawaii.edu
T. D. Amore and N. C. Sugii

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