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Natural Resources Extension

Project Name: Ala Wai Canal Watershed Improvement Project
ASO Log No.:  
Start/End Date: 1999
Federal Funds:  
Matching Funds:  
Contractor: Clyde Morita
Ala Wai Canal Watershed Improvement Project
46-316 Ikiiki Street
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone and Fax: (808) 236-3027
The Ala Wai Watershed drains into a two-mile long, twelve-acre, manmade canal that separates Waikiki from much of urban Honolulu. The canal is not expected to attain or maintain State water quality standards without additional action to control NPS pollution.
Objectives/Goals: To develop a community-based stewardship program in the Ala Wai Watershed
Methods Employed: • Form committees among business agencies, non-profit organizations, other project managers, environmental organizations, etc.
• Conduct seven town meetings to develop project proposals and further refine the vision
• Develop and conduct two watershed-wide summits to expand community participation
• Fund 15 community projects, including streambank restoration, taro loi restoration, native Hawaiian plant gardens, illegal dumping mitigation, water quality testing, wetlands restoration, community watershed education, environmental curriculum development, erosion control plantings, and stewardship development
Pollutants of Concern: Fecal coliform bacteria, nutrients, lead and copper, pesticides, and sediment
Watershed: Ala Wai, island of Oahu
Size of Project: Not applicable
Affected Water Bodies: Ala Wai Beach and Harbor
Deliverables: Final Report


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