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Natural Resources Extension

Project Name: Ala Wai Watershed Mauka Restoration
ASO Log No.: 03-097 [UWA03-01]
Start/End Date: March 2003 to August 2005
Federal Funds: $120,000.00
Matching Funds: $147,275.00
Contractor: Koolau Mountains Watershed Partnership
c/o Department of Land and Natural Resources
Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
2135 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, HI 96822
Ph: (808) 973-9787, Fax: (808) 973-9781
Jason Y. Sumiye, KMWP Coordinator
The Ala Wai Watershed and Canal is an area designated as a Water Quality Limited Segment, where pollutants are attributed to natural sources. The Ala Wai TMDL report for nutrients determined that approximately 60% of the nitrogen and phosphorous affecting the Ala Wai is coming from decaying biomass located on conservation district lands mauka of the canal. This is thought to be the result of pig damage and alien vegetation modifying the forest and causing soil erosion.
Objectives/Goals: • Mitigate forest threats and reduce current level of ungulate activity and bare soil coverage within the upper portions of the watershed
• Establish a baseline for forested watershed loading, and monitor the impacts of these management activities on the water quality
• Raise awareness of watershed values and management by involving the communities in the management and protection efforts.
Methods Employed: • Expand Division of Forestry and Wildlife’s controlled hunting program
• Establish invasive weed removal
• Broadcast seeding and outplanting of native plant species for understory restoration and soil stabilization
• Implement public awareness and education activities
Pollutants of Concern: Nutrients and phosphorous
Watershed: The KMWP boundary within the Ala Wai Watershed. Within portions of the Manoa-Palolo and Makiki subwatersheds, island of Oahu
Size of Project: Not discussed in report
Affected Water Bodies: Four stream systems, three aquifers, and the waters of Ala Wai canal
Deliverables: • Final report of hunting program
• Final report of forest restoration program
• Final report of project monitoring (correlating project management activities, forest health, and water quality)
• Poster/display of project for educational activities


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