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Natural Resources Extension

Project Name: Windward Oahu Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program
ASO Log No.: 96-117
Start/End Date: January 1995 to April 1996
Federal Funds: $16,008.00
Matching Funds: $27,470.00
Contractor: Richard Brock
University of Hawaii - Sea Grant Extension Service
1000 Pope Rd., MSB Room 226
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 965-2859
Fax (808) 956-2858
Funds were provided for the establishment of a volunteer water quality monitoring program in 1993-1994. Sea Grant Extension worked on the first phase and wants to continue to expand the pilot program.
Objectives/Goals: To increase public awareness and involvement such that communities are committed to preserving, restoring, and protecting Hawaii's waters, aquatic biota, and other coastal resources through educational outreach and volunteer monitoring efforts.
Methods Employed: • Continue monthly meetings of the Waimanalo-Kailua Volunteer Program
• Continue the volunteer water quality fiend monitoring
• Carry out the wet period quality assurance/quality control program following a heavy rainfall event using both volunteers and UH personnel
• Develop a series of topographical maps for the Kailua-Waimanalo area depicting the locations of the streams, pertinent topographic features and human infrastructure for field use
• Undertake a preliminary program of heavy metal/pesticide analysis sampling the lower reaches of the 3 streams in the project
Pollutants of Concern: Heavy metals and pesticides
Watershed: Kaelepulu and Waimanalo Watersheds, island of Oahu
Size of Project: Not mentioned in report
Affected Water Bodies: Kailua-Waimanalo Bays

• Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Manual for Streams
• Topographical maps for the Kailua-Waimanalo area

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