Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management Lab, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Some of the places we work in and some of the insects we work with........

And some people. A fairly random collection all in all.

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Koen van Elsen, looking for aphids, Haleakala (MW).

Young papaya field, Big Island (MW)

Overlooking Kilauea Caldera from rain forest (MW).

Psyllidae galls on leaves of indigenous 'ohia (MW).

Coconut scale colonies on the underside of a banana leaf (MW).

Coffee plant with twigs killed by black twig borer (MW).


Felted coccid (Eriococcus ironsidei), a new arrival on macadamia nuts in Hawaii. The scales are the tiny white flecks on the stem (MW).

Aphis nerii, on crownflower (MW).

Banana aphid infected with an insect pathogenic fungus (MW).

Banana aphids, healthy (left), parasitized by Ceccidomyiidae (right) (MW),


Southern green stinkug, Nezara viridula, laying eggs (Photo: Jo Diez).

Stinkbug bar! (JD)

Trissolcus basalis emerging from stinkbug eggs (JD)

Trissolcus adult, close up (JD).

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Leaf-dieback on macadamia nut tree severely infested with macadamia felted coccid (Eriococcus ironsidei) (HDoA).

Felted macadamia coccids on husks of macadamia nuts (HDoA).

Felted coccid (Erioccocus ironsidei) on macadamia leaves (MW).

Dense macadamia felted scale colonies on macadamia tree trunk - white flecks/white areas are scales (MW).


Agraulis vanillae (dorsal, L, ventral, R) on Lantana (MW).


1982 lava flow, Kilauea, Hawaii Volcano National Park (MW).

1982 lava flow, HVNP, up close (MW).

Forest on the crater rim, HVNP. What a contrast! (MW)

The drier (vegetated) side of the crater, HVNP. (MW)


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