Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management Lab, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Organic production of tropical fruit and nut crops - IPM options.


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This page will include information on:

- Biological control and organic production - brief notes on what options we have, and how to maximize the effects of biological control agents;
Classical biological control
Augmentative Biological control
Mass-rearing biological control agents
Environmental concerns and biological control of pests
Biological control and insecticides

- Insecticides compatible with organic production and biological control - how to ensure that appling organic-certified insecticides can be integrated with biological control agents;
List of organic insecticides
Effects on beneficial insects

- Insect monitoring - how to scout crops;
Thresholds - what is available?
Developing a monitoring program
Using a sequential sampling plan

- Culural pest management options - sanitation, variety selection.
Living mulches
Mixed cropping options
Soil health management and IPM?



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Buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris) living mulch