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Planning Resources

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Before your event, these tools will help guide your planning to keep foods safe.

Food Safety At Temporary Events
(pdf booklet file: print double-sided, fold in half, and staple the spine)

Food Safety Checklist for Food Fundraisers, Food Shows and Food Demonstrations
(pdf file)

Recipe Guidelines Checklist (pdf file)

Important Hawaii Department of Health phone numbers (pdf file)

During your event, remind volunteers about the importance of time and temperature control, proper cooking temperatures and personal hygiene.

Checklist for Food Handler Hygiene (pdf file)

Cooking Temperatures (pdf file)

Be Temperature Wise Poster (pdf file)

Multilingual Hand Washing Poster (pdf file)

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After the event, review the success of your event and record changes that could improve your next event. This brochure proves consumers with information on reporting foodborne illness to the Department of Health.

Foodborne Illness Reporting Line (pdf file)

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