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Crisis and Change

By Office of Communication Services    Published on 05/22/2013 More stories >>

Sen. Inouye

In 2004 CTAHR honored Sen. Inouye with the Ka Lei Hano Heritage Award in recognition of his unwavering support.

After Statehood, Sen. Inouye helped to guide Hawai‘i through the many resulting changes. The shift from plantation-based sugar and pineapple production to diversified crops reshaped the state’s agricultural landscape, and he provided crucial assistance for each stage of the conversion, helping displaced workers launch new agribusiness ventures, supporting research and development to identify novel products and markets, and promoting continued innovation in Hawai‘i’s established agricultural industries. He recognized and responded to the state’s unique pest and disease issues with legislation that ensured the continued availability of needed control measures, encouraged research on new plant varieties, and addressed the threats posed by invasive species.

Sen. Inouye helped grower Harold Tanouye and his colleagues to create the Federal Floriculture Research Grant program, whereby the floral industry provided direct input on necessary research areas. The program funded high-priority CTAHR research projects on new anthurium varieties, dendrobium orchids, and protea. It allowed research on weed control and other important horticultural issues.

Working with Sen. Inouye’s office, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service secured funding for research into virus-resistant papaya, nematode-resistant pineapple, sustainable methods of fruit fly control, and other crop-related and environmental studies done by CTAHR’s researchers, and Sen. Inouye and his staff worked tirelessly to see that Hawai‘i received the federal support necessary for this important sector of our economy to thrive. Termite-control research encouraged by the Senator resulted in statewide application of methods to protect homes more effectively with less pesticides. He also had a strong impact on the development of the USDA’s Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center (PBARC), which focuses on crop productivity and pest management.

In 1986 Sen. Inouye helped to make one of the most important contributions to Hawai‘i’s aquaculture industry, working with such CTAHR administrators and faculty as Dr. Chauncey Ching to establish the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture, jointly administered by UH and the Oceanic Institute and the first of 5 aquaculture regional centers in the U.S. Today, in an era of increasing concern about food security and eating local, Hawai‘i’s consumption of locally raised freshwater and saltwater seafood is higher than it’s ever been since Statehood, and CTAHR’s researchers and outreach specialists are at the forefront of that expansion.