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Impact Stories

4-H, for Hawai‘i
4-H, for Hawai‘i “It’s not just livestock,” State 4-H coordinator Jeff Goodwin emphasizes, for perhaps the thousandth time during his career. 4-H includes a variety of activities to increase youths’ health, well-being, leadership skills, and community engagement, and it continues to add to its repertoire, incorporating STEM-focused activities such as rocketry.
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The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place Everyone else is doing all the work. This is the refrain of the retired faculty volunteers at Poamoho Research Station: they’re just hanging out, at most doing what they’re told.
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Between the Earth and the Clouds
Between the Earth and the Clouds Everyone’s heard of the rainforest…but what about a cloud forest? These tropical or subtropical areas characterized by high humidity and persistent cloud cover provide habitat and protection for a variety of species, including native plants and animals, found nowhere else, and they are essential for supplying rainfall to the watersheds beneath them.
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Growing the Future
Growing the Future Not only committed to sustainability but triumphantly sustainable itself, the Sustainable and Organic Farm Training (SOFT) CTAHR student organization is now in its tenth year and still going strong.
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