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Impact Stories

Kupuna and Keiki Care
Kupuna and Keiki Care Extension agents are CTAHR’s “slippahs on the ground” in terms of bringing the research done in the College to the community.
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The Power of Information
The Power of Information Did you know that Hawai‘i not only has a significantly higher percentage of elderly than the national average but also that percentage is growing?
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Tasty Tips for Active Aging
Tasty Tips for Active Aging As a person ages, it becomes both more important and more difficult to meet essential nutrient needs.
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Eat, Play, Live
Eat, Play, Live The CHL program has a long name, impressive funding, and an important mission. Two and a half years ago the Children’s Healthy Living Program for Remote Underserved Minority Populations in the Pacific Region, headed by Rachel Novotny (HNFAS), was awarded a competitive grant of $25 million over 5 years, and it’s working to effect much-needed change.
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4-H—Hawaiian Style
4-H—Hawaiian Style Nowadays, getting involved with 4-H doesn’t just mean raising a cow to show at a farm fair! With its updated Science, Healthy Living, and Citizenship mandates, the organization is involving young people in handson educational programs that help them become more informed and engaged citizens. Hawai‘i 4-H fosters the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers
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Inspiring Tomorrow’s Scientists, Today
Inspiring Tomorrow’s Scientists, Today For over seven years, the Biotechnology Outreach Program has brought science and its many topics into the lives of Hawai‘i’s keiki.
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Providing for the Voyage
Providing for the Voyage The Polynesian Voyaging Society, which made history and captured the hearts and imagination of so many throughout the Islands with their construction and sailing of the iconic Hōkūlei‘a, is setting forth on a new journey, with a new voyaging canoe, and CTAHR is going along for the ride.
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Fighting Snails With Snails
Fighting Snails With Snails Hawaiian mollusks and CTAHR scientists are unlikely allies in the battle against an invader that threatens agriculture and human health worldwide.
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Helping the Community to Grow
Helping the Community to Grow At the heart of CTAHR’s history is the College’s support of local agriculture, and this work continues to benefit the community of farmers, ranchers, and horticulturalists to this day.
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Making Connections
Making Connections A hallmark of the Senator’s political life was his ability to connect people and groups. As he worked to cement good relations between Democrats and Republicans and between Washington and Hawai‘i, he fostered collaboration in research and education.
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Crisis and Change
Crisis and Change After Statehood, Sen. Inouye helped to guide Hawai‘i through the many resulting changes. The shift from plantation-based sugar and pineapple production to diversified crops reshaped the state’s agricultural landscape, and he provided crucial assistance for each stage of the conversion, helping displaced workers launch new agribusiness ventures, supporting research and development to
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Building for the Future
Building for the Future The Senator’s legacy includes many intangibles: hope, pride, community spirit. But it includes things more tangible as well, one of the solidest of them a building.
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