Older Plant Symptoms for Bunchy Top
  • BBTD is diagnosed by identifying symptoms of diseased plants or by submitting a banana leaf sample for virus testing
  • It may be necessary to inspect leaves closely for abnormal color, texture, position or curling
  • Leaves may have yellow fringes, be cupped or twisted, have green veins with dots and dashes, and be bunched up together
  • The best place to look for symptoms of BBTD is the set of the youngest leaves on the plant, paying attention to their shape, color and apperance

BBTV Macroscopic Symptoms on Leaves

Leaves at center are bunchy, upright, with yellow and wavy margins

Leaves are stiff and turned inward, curled

Leaves at center: bunchy, upright, yellow, wavy

Leaves can assume fan-like appearance
Dwarf Brazilian 'Hawaiian Apple'

Photographs are courtesy of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture

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