Native Plants for Hawaii's Roadways

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Storage temperature and relative humidity affects the rate afterripening and viability of Heteropogon contortus seeds

Orville Baldos, Ph.D. candidate at UH Manoa, presents and oral seminar at the 2013 National Native Seed Conference at Santa Fe, New Mexico April 8-11, 2013.


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Evaluation of Pre-emergence Herbicides Contained Within a Hydromulch Cap to Determine Weed Control and Safety for Two Native Hawaiian Grasses in a Simulated Roadside Environment.

Masters of Science thesis and oral defense seminar of Scott Lukas, posted_03/09/2011

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Weed Control Solutions for Native Hawaiian Plant establishment on Roadsides . Presented at PestWorld Oct. 21, 2010 at the Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, HI  by Dr. Joe DeFrank, University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Native Hawaiian plants have become increasingly popular for landscapes, green roofs and for erosion control on roadways. these rare plants have not been subjected to the standard forms of weed control research until recently. In this presentation you will learn how herbicides can be used in a safe and effective manner to establish native Hawaiian plants in large scale plantings.  In the second half of the presentation, Dr. DeFrank discusses a new business opportunity for skilled growers that involves the production of native plants for seed and vegetative propagation materials on high way rights of way for use by state departments of transportation.

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Scott Lukas in CTAHR Student Research Symposium on 04/10/2010   click to play   Symposium abstract_pdf file  
Orville Baldos topping seeded Pili  grass seed heads to fill-in between row space on H1 & Univ. Ave. Native Plant Demonstration site   click to play      
Thesis Proposal for Orville Baldos: Evaluation and Establishment of Native Hawaiian Grasses and Sedges for Revegetation of Oahu Roadsides - download format   click to play      
Assessment of  Hydroplanting  Techniques and Herbicide Tolerance of  Two Native  Hawaiian Groundcovers with Roadside Re-vegetation Potential .

Masters of Science thesis and oral defense seminar of Orville Baldos


Roadside re-vegetation utilizing native groundcovers is a new initiative in Hawai‘i. To develop establishment and maintenance protocols, large-scale propagation and selective weed control techniques for potential species need to be tested. This study evaluated hydroplanting techniques and screened pre- and post-emergence herbicides for establishing Fimbristylis cymosa and Sporobolus virginicus. Hydroplanting trials indicate that F. cymosa can be efficiently established through hydroseeding while S. virginicus can be hydromulched using auxin treated apical cuttings. Oxadiazon and oryzalin can be safely used in transplanted F. cymosa plugs but not seedlings. Fluazifop-p-butyl and aminopyralid can be safely applied in plants ≥ 28 days old while sulfosulfuron should only be spot sprayed. For S. virginicus, oxadiazon, oxyfluorfen, sulfosulfuron and aminopyralid can be used for transplanted plugs while carfentrazone + MCPA + mecoprop + dicamba and triclopyr should only be spot sprayed. Information gathered from the study has been incorporated into establishment protocols for the two species.



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