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Beverage Crops


Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawai`i is world-famous for its Kona coffee. In 2007, the 2nd most valuable diversified agricultural industry on the Island of Hawai`i was coffee ($25.6 M, 69% of state total value). Other beverage crops of increasing interest are `awa and tea.

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Flowers & Ornamentals


In 2007, the most valuable diversified agricultural industry on the Island of Hawai`i included flowers and nursery production ($51.8 M, 49% of state total). East Hawai`i is home to tropical flowers such as anthuriums and orchids, while Waimea farms produce tuberoses, roses, and proteas. New UH anthurium cultivars are being released, and several have received national recognition by the Society of American Florists [anthurium "Mauna Loa;" ; anthurium "Tropic Sunrise;" ; anthurium "Centennial".]

Click here for CTAHR publications on anthuriums, enter “anthuriums” and then click on "Search Publications." For other plants, type in the plant name (such as orchid or dracaena), and click on "Search Publications."

For the latest research on ornamentals, go to CTAHR Research News, locate the September 2008 issue and read about Dr. Paul Singleton’s research on precision agriculture.

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The Island of Hawai`i (a.k.a. the Big Island) is composed of 4.1M acres of land and approximately 32% of this land area is forested. Forests protect the island's watersheds, provide habitat for hundreds of unique native species, and are popular destinations for hiking, camping, and hunting. The value of forest products (high-value hardwoods, mostly koa) in the state of Hawai`i was estimated as $30.7M in 2001, mostly coming from Hawai`i Island. Forest industry today is diversifying products to include timber from plantation eucalyptus and bio-energy.

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The landscape industry is not included in the Statistics of Hawai`i Agriculture, but its value state-wide was estimated at $500M in 2000, and it was projected to increase. It is one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in the state of Hawai`i.

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For information on the commercial Landscape program in West Hawaii, contact Ty McDonald.


Nuts & Fruits

Due to its mild year-round growing conditions, the County of Hawai`i is known for its cultivation of a wide range of tropical fruits and nuts. Principal tropical fruit and nut crops produced on Hawaii Island include macadamia, papaya, banana, guava, avocado, and specialty tropical fruits. This Island is home to the State’s entire macadamia industry and the majority of State’s papaya, guava and specialty tropical fruits production. In 2007, the 3rd most valuable diversified agricultural commodity was macadamia nuts ($24.6 M, 100% of state total value); and the 4th most valuable one included all fruits except pineapple ($22.8M, 75% of state total value).

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Pasture Rangeland

Pasture & Rangelands

Approximately 36% of the land area on the island of Hawai`i consists of pastures and unmanaged rangelands.

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Vegetables and Root Crops

Vegetables and Root Crops

Waimea on the Island of Hawai`i is a major production area for fresh produce, including asparagus, burdock, cabbage, celery, lettuce, onions, sweet corn, strawberries, squash, and tomato. In 2007, the 7th most valuable diversified agricultural industry on the Island of Hawai`i included vegetables, ginger root, herbs and melons ($10.1M, 21% of state total value). The majority of all production of sweet potato is along the Hamakua Coast of Hawai`i. Taro is grown under wet-land cultivation in Waipio Valley and under upland-cultivation along the Hamakua Coast ($173,000).

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