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Lantana escaped onto Kahoolawe

Lantana is a popular ornamental plant which has escaped home backyards and is spreading quickly into Hawaii's natural areas. Here it is growing on Kaho'olawe.

Photos: Forest and Kim Starr

Weed Control information for Homeowners

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Before you buy or apply an herbicide . . .

Organic Weed Control for the Home Garden

Woody plant control for the home, pasture, and forest

Weeds of Hawaii’s Pastures and Natural Areas: Available for sale from CTAHR, this book includes photographs to help homeowners quickly identify weedy trees, shrubs, vines, herbs and grasses found in Hawaii. Individual fact sheets from the publication are found under Weeds of Hawaii at this website.

Urban Garden Centers

There are Urban Garden Centers on O'ahu, Kaua'i and Maui. The Pearl City Urban Garden Center offers gardening classes on various gardening topics of interest at a minimal cost. Call the Urban Garden Center office to find out more information (808) 453-6050.

What is a Master Gardener?

The University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension sponsors the Master Gardener Program. Volunteers are trained to solve gardening problems and give research-based advice to the public through the Master Gardener Plant Helpline, plant diagnostic clinics, presentations on gardening to local groups, and maintaining demonstration gardens at the Urban Garden Center. Our volunteers are trained to help people learn to garden more productively.

For further information on the Oahu Master Gardener Program, please call (808) 453-6050 or email For help with your plant problems the Helpline number is (808) 453-6055.


Hawaii (East) Master Gardeners
Andrew Kawabata, (808) 981-8275,

Hawaii (West) Master Gardeners
Ty McDonald, (808) 322-4892,

Kauai Master Gardeners
Richard Ebesu, (808) 274-3475,

Maui Master Gardeners
Anne Gachuhi, (808) 244-3242 ext 232,

Molokai Master Gardeners
(808) 567-6935

Oahu Master Gardeners
Jayme Grzebik, (808) 453-6059,

Alternatives to Invasives

The majority of the invasive plants found in Hawaii were brought here as ornamental species. Don't plant a pest!

Voluntary Code of Conduct for the Gardening Public

Suggested Alternatives to Using Invasive Plants (Maui County)

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