College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Dr. Christopher Andrew Lepczyk

Research Interests and Projects

I am an interdisciplinary scientist with a focus on understanding linkages between species, people, and landscapes in order to promote the conservation and management of our ecosystems. 

Current Projects

Evaluation of Hawai'i Coffee Agroforestry Systems

coffee plant This is a new project being led by Craig Elevitch of Permanent Agriculture Resources, to evaluate shade-grown coffee in Kona, Hawai’i.  The goal is to show the potential benefits and drawbacks of coffee agroforestry, so that can make more informed decisions about shade-grown coffee. As part of the project we will be working on the wildlife and landowner aspects of

For further information see: http://agroforestry.net/caf/index.html

MCAMMP: The Milwaukee County Avian Migration Monitoring Partnership

swanThis is a four year project seeking to understand how migratory birds use forest patches and parks of different contexts in an urban ecosystem as stopover and refueling sites. We use a citizen science approach to train volunteers that assist with vegetation sampling, avian transect counts, and bird banding. Our project is made possible by a strong partnership between state agencies, non-profit organizations, and several universities. We were recently awarded the 2007 Citizen-based Monitoring Program of the Year from the Citizen-Based Monitoring Network of Wisconsin.

For further information see: http://home.earthlink.net/~iltlawas/id16.html

Influence of Landscape Change and Housing Growth on Birds

birds on streetThis is a set of projects looking at how landscapes and houses influence birds at various scales and is a continuation of several completed projects. Current projects are looking at housing growth effects on bird communities in the Northeast U.S.

In order to help prospective students, here are a variety of key words that variously describe disciplinary fields and/or aspects of the work in the lab: applied ecology, avian ecology, citizen science, conservation biology, ecoinformatics, geographic information systems (GIS), landowners, landscape ecology, human-nature coupled systems, human dimensions of wildlife, monitoring, natural resources management, ornithology, terrestrial vertebrates, urban birds, urban ecology, wildlife ecology

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