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There is a link between nutrition, physical activity, and the well being of individuals and families. Historically established is the link between nutrition, a fundamental physical building block of human beings, and the well-being of our country. Food assistance programs have been based on these links.

NUTRITION EDUCATION FOR WELLNESS (NEW) is a statewide "umbrella concept" program that facilitates consumer foods and nutrition education.



To provide educational programs that increase the likelihood of healthy food choices consistent with the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate and Nutrition Facts.

To provide practical foods and nutrition education training via training and technical assistance and services delivery, materials adaptation and development, resources support

development of practical applied research, evaluation, and collaboration facilitation.

To safeguard the health and well-being of limited income households by promoting skills building and access to a healthy diet.

To provide statewide leadership and work with a diversity of organizations to achieve common goals.



NEW Program Leaflet
NEW Program Leaflet

FY 2017 NEW Impact Report Click to view the 2017 Impact Report

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