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Pests and Diseases
Beneficial Organisms

Here are just a few of the beneficial organisms that can be found in association with noni in Hawaii.

(1) Above left: Ants and aphids on noni fruit; the ants love to eat the sweet honeydew secretions of the aphids and help to guard them against the aphid predators. Above right: Lady beetles eat aphids and the ants cannot hurt or fight off the ladybeetle adults.

(2) Above: Chameleons eat insects in the noni canopy.

(3) Above: The green scale (Coccus viridis) insects above, which cause the black sooty mold deposits on noni leaves and fruits visible in the photograph, are actually dead; their white color indicaters that they have been killed by a naturally occurring fungus which attacks them, Verticillium lecanthii (the "white halo fungus")


Last Updated on December 7, 2006