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Vegetable Production

Agriculture on O‘ahu was once dominated by commercial sugar and pineapple industries. The availability of former sugar and pineapple cropland has prompted new producers to enter Hawai‘i's agriculture industry. Primarily, small family owned farms now dominate the industry. New producers grow a variety of crops year round, many with ethnic connections and niche markets/marketing.

According to the Hawai‘i Agricultural Statistics, it is estimated that a total of 3,500 acres of cropland are under vegetable and melon production on O‘ahu in 2006. There are approximately, 215 vegetable and melon farms (35% of the state's total) farming on 3.500 acres of land generating $41,812,000 (57% of the state's total). The value of vegetables and melon production statewide ranks third ($73,038,000) behind Flowers & Nursery Products (first at $100,689,000) and seed crops (second at $97,580,000).

A change in O‘ahu's agriculture industry (acreage, commodities, producers, consumers and marketing options, etc.) has prompted a continuing need for extension educational programs in vegetable production.

Farmer Action Center

The Farmer Action Center is an Online resource for O‘ahu's edible crop producers. This site provides useful links to many grower related issues, such as upcoming workshops, publications, market reports, pesticide regulations, legislature representatives, etc.

Aster Yellows Disease is Hawai‘i

An unidentified cause of yellowing in watercress was first reported by an O‘ahu farmer in September of 2000. UH CTAHR discovered a phytoplasma which was later confirmed to be the western North American aster yellows, or the severe aster yellows strain. The Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture confirmed the watercress leafhopper as the vector of the phytoplasma. This website contains information about aster yellows in watercress, the insect vector, photographs of phytoplasma symptoms and the latest research based findings.

Hawai‘i Area Wide Fruit Fly Suppression

There are four economically important fruit flies in Hawai‘i. These agricultural pests cause significant damage to edible crops and threatens the expansion of Hawai‘i's diversified agriculture industry. This website provides a simple 1, 2, 3 approach for suppressing fruit flies in Hawai‘i's crop lands and backyard operations.

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