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GMO- Yes or No? A frequent question asked today is whether our University Seeds are Genetically Modified (GMO).

The UH Rainbow Papaya seed is the only GMO product sold. This seed is resistant to the Papaya Ringspot virus.


On January 1st, 2019, our pricing for our seeds will be adjusted to keep up with the increasing costs to do business. A few varieties will be removed from our current list as well. HGP prices will be $1.50 and $4.50 for Hybrids.

We apologize for these changes and will continue to offer our popular UH developed varieties.

A new dark purple eggplant will be made available that we have high hopes for. It will be called "Poamoho Dark Long".

The new pricing will be made available the last week before January 1, 2019.

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Our University of Hawaii seeds are non-GMO seeds that are mostly open pollinated selections except for a few hand pollinated Hybrids.  
The only variety offered for sale that is a GMO seed is the UH Rainbow Papaya which is highly resistant to the devastating Papaya Ringpot Virus.  

Organically Grown Papaya Seeds Are In. We will be offering

For all International Orders. Please check with your Agricultural Office for an Import Permit.

HGP packets of the Sunrise and Waimanalo Low Bearing Papaya for A Phytosanitary Certificate is needed for Customs clearance.
$3.00 a packet. Bulk Pricing: $12.00/oz. The cost for this Certificate is $61.00 or more depending on the value of the seeds.

We will include Postal charges for all International Orders due to the high cost of shipping. Please email us for a quote.

Call if you have any questions or need to place an order.. This applies to even Home Garden Packets
PLEASE NOTE: These are not "CERTIFIED ORGANIC" but organically grown only. Our facility and operation is not setup to provide "CERTIFIED" Seeds for sale. .


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