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Catherine  Chan

Name :

Catherine Chan

Title :

Interim Associate Dean for Academics

Unit :


Office :

Office of Academic & Student Affairs

Address :

1910 East-West Road
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Sherman Lab 224

Phone :

(808) 956-2626

Fax :

(808) 956-6539

E-mail :

Specialties :

Conjoint Analysis, Economic Impact Analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Farm Business Matching, Entrepreneurship, Conservation Agriculture, Consumer Preferences, Transitional Economic Analysis, Biotechnology, Agricultural Trade and Policy.

Professional Prep/Appointments :


    Ph.D. University of Missouri, Agricultural Economics (Concentration: International Development)                       Management         American University, Business Administration, Cairo, Egypt.
    M.S.                        Southern Illinois University, Plant and Soil Sciences                                         
B.A.                        Southern Illinois University, Microbiology


Projects :

    1. USDA/AFRI. $500,000. Center of Rural Agriculture Training for Entrepreneurship for the Pacific. 2013-2015.
    2. USAID/HED. $1.07 million. University Partnership on Linking Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Potential to promote Job Opportunities for Business Scale-Up for Mindanao (UPLOAD JOBS for Mindanao). 2012-2015. Principal Investigator.
    3. USAID/Colorado State University/Arizona State University. $87,955.20. Climate Change and Livestock Management. 2012-2015.  Subaward from ASU. Principal Investigator.
    4. USAID/SANREM CRSP. $1.38 millon. Sustainable Management of Agroecological Resources for Tribal Societies (SMARTS). 2010-2015. Co-PI. 
    5. USDA/NIFA. $156,000.  University of Hawaii Fellowships for Integrated Training in Sustainable Sciences (UH-FITSS). 2010-2015. Principal Investigator
    6. USDA/CSREES/McIntire-Stennis. $45,000.  Conjoint Choice Analysis of Stakeholders Management Preferences for Instream Flow Attributes in Watersheds of Hawaii for Sustainable Natural and Working Landscapes. 2008-2011. Principal Investigator. 
    7. County of Hawaii. $5,000. Branding of Hawaiian Grown Avocado. 2008-2009 Principal Investigator.
    8. USDA/CSREES/Water Quality and Water Resources. $490,042.  Design and Evaluation of Precision Vegetative Buffer Strips as Sustainable Conservation Management Practice to Control Non-point Source Pollution in Hawaiian Watersheds. 2008-2011. Co-PI. 
    9. USAID/HED. $400,000. Albania-Hawaii Higher Education and Economic Development Partnership : Increasing Institutional Capacity in Agricultural Economics Grant (AHEED). 2008-2011. Principal Investigator.
    10. Kurdistan Government. $1,411,659. Hawaii-Kurdistan Partnership for Revitalizing Agricultural Higher Education and Development (KAHEAD). 2006-2007. (One of the collaborators).
    11. USDA/CSREES. Special Grant. $105,000. Enhancing the Competitiveness of Hawaiian Fruit Producers’ Through the Marketing and Branding of Hawaii Grown Avocado. 2006 -2009. Principal Investigator
    12. DAI/USAID. $30,078. Feasibility Study on Marine Aquaculture in East Timor. 2005. (co-PI).
    13. USAID/HEAD. $3,770,000. Hawaii-Iraq Partnership for Revitalizing Agricultural Higher Education and Development. 2003-2005. (One of the collaborators and co-director).
    14. USDA/CSREES/FRA. $3,930,000. Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship. 2000-2004 (Joint project with Cornell University). (One of the collaborators)
    15. Coleman Foundation. $18,850. Building REAL Learning Opportunities K-16 in Vermont. 2000-2001. Principal Investigator.
    16. HUD. $399,845. Community Outreach Partnership Center. 1999-2002. (One of the project leaders).
      USDA/CSREES/FRA. $395,000. Balancing Economic and Environmental Impacts for Phosphorus Management in the Lake Champlain Basin. 1998-2001. Principal Investigator.
    17. Northeast Dairy Compact Commission. $51,815. Milk-Market Impacts of the Northeast Dairy Compact. 1998-1999. Co-PI.
    18. Vermont Agency of Tourism and Marketing. $22,000. Economic Impact of the Tourism Sector on the Vermont Economy. 1998-1999. Principal Investigator.
    19. USDA/CSREES/National Research Initiative Competitive Grants. $115,000. China’s Urban Consumer Demand for Livestock Products and Edible Oils: Implications for U.S. Exports 1997-2001. Co-PI.
    20. United States Information Agency.  $300,000.  College and University Development Program in Business Management for Slovak Republic. 1994 - 1996. Collaborator
    21. Delaware Division of Aging.  $5,000.  Marketing Congregate Meal Programs for Citizens Sixty and Over.  1994. Principal Investigator.
    22. Delaware Potato Board.  $5,300.  Investigation of Methods to Increase the Farm Gate Price for Delaware-Produced Potatoes.  1994-1995. Principal Investigator.
    23. USDA/CSRS/National Competitive Research Initiative.  $110,490.  Assessing U.S. Agricultural Market Potentials in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 1993-1995. Principal Investigator.

  • Courses Taught:

    Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Management 

    Environmental Problem Solving 

    International Agricultural Systems 

    Environmental Policy and Management 

    Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics

    Research Methods 

    Research Techniques and Procedures 

    International Agricultural Trade

    International Agricultural Trade: Special Topics

    Biotechnology: Science and Socioeconomic Issues 

    Research Interests :

    International Agricultural Development, Resources Valuation, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Supply Chain Analysis.

    Publications :

    1. Chan, C., Sipes, B. and Lee, T. (eds).  2016. Enabling Agri-entrepreneurship and Innovation: Empirical Evidence and Solutions for Conflict Regions and Transitioning Economies. CAB International. (Forthcoming).
    2. Chan, C. and Fantle-Lepczyk, J. (eds). 2015. Conservation Agriculture in Subsistence Farming: Case Studies from South Asia and Beyond. CAB International. ISBN 978-1-78064-423-3, 264 pp.
    3. Mulvaney, M.J., Reyes, M.R., Chan-Halbrendt, C., Boulakia, S., Jumpa, K., Sukvibool, C. and Sombatpanit, S. (eds). 2012. Conservation Agriculture in Southeast Asia and Beyond, Special Publication No. 7, World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), Beijing, China. ISBN 978-0-615-73926-7, 124 pp.
    4. Chan-Halbrendt, C. and Fantle-Lepczyk, J. (eds). 2013. Agricultural Markets in a Transitioning Economy: An Albanian Case Study.  CAB International. ISBN 978-1-78064-100-3, 266 pp.
    5. Sterling, L., C. Halbrendt, and S. Kitto, eds. 1992. Biotechnology:  Science and Socioeconomic Issues.  Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.
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