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Carl I  Evensen

Name :

Carl I Evensen

Title :


Unit :

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Address :

Lyon Arboretum
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

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Website :

Specialties :

Water Quality, Pollution Control, Sustainable Agriculture: Fruits in gen.-Soil ManagementVegetables in gen.-Soil ManagementSugar Cane-Soil ManagementLandscape Plants in gen.-Soil ManagementLand Resources in gen.-Water Resources in gen.-Fruits in gen.-Soil FertilityVegetables in gen.-Soil FertilityLandscap

Education :

Punahou School, Hawaii 1973 B.A. Biology Whitman College, Washington 1977 M.S. Agronomy & Soil Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa 1984 Ph.D. Agronomy & Soil Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa 1989

Projects :

"Water Quality Coordination, Planning, and Staff Development in Hawaii". Funding: National Extension Service. "Farm*A*Syst / Home*A*Syst for Hawaii: Development of a Farm and Home Pollution Risk Assessment Program". Funding: EPA/Hawaii Dept. Health. "Turmoil in the Tropics: Current Environmental and Agricultural Issues". Funding: USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant.

Courses Taught:

AGRS 630, Agriculture and the Environment AGRS 631, Sustainable Agriculture Seminar AGRS 210, Environmental Resources: Issues and Options AGRS 492, Internship

Professional Interests :

Provide statewide leadership for extension programs in natural resource management and environmental quality. Specific responsibilities include development and implementation of programs for public education and cooperative extension staff development on natural resources, pollution control, water quality, and watershed management.

Publications :

Languages :

Indonesian, Swahili, German