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Yanghua  He

Name :

Yanghua He

Title :

Assistant Professor of Genomics and Epigenomics

Unit :

Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences

Address :

1955 East-West Road
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Ag Sciences Building 314I

Phone :

(808) 956-7090

Fax :

(808) 956-4024

E-mail :

Website :

Specialties :

1. Benchwork: Sequencing platforms: Illumina HiSeq; Mi-seq; 10*Genomics; Nanopore sequencing. Library constructions for sequencing: DNA-seq; RNA-seq; ChIP-seq and CUT&RUN; MBD-seq; MeDIP-seq; WGBS; RRBS; Bisulfite cloning sequencing; pyrosequencing; HiC; PLAC-seq; ATAC-seq. CRISPR-based technologies (Genome-editing and Epigenome-editing). sgRNA Library Screening. 2. Data analysis: Bioinformatics in Genetic and Epigenetic data analysis; Galaxy platform; Linux Operating System; Computational languages: Perl, Python, R, Matlab, SAS, C++

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Assistant Professor
of Animal Genomics, HNFAS, CTAHR, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2019.08 - present)
Graduate Faculty (Concurrent Position): Animal Science Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2019.08 - present)
Graduate Faculty (Concurrent Position): Nutritional Sciences Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2019.08 - present)
Graduate Faculty (Concurrent Position): Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2019.08 - present)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
, Department of Hematology, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Tennessee, USA (2017-2019), Epigenome Editing in Children's Sickle Cell Disease
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland, Maryland, USA (2012-2017), Epigenomics in Animal Diseases and Production Traits
Ph.D., Animal Genetics and Breeding, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China (2012), Epigenetic Mechanisms in Mastitis of Dairy Cattle 


Projects :

1) applying Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) and Genomic Selection (GS) to improve economically important traits of Hawaii beef cattle under diverse climatic conditions;
2) combining with over 100-year Hawaiian climate data to study the impacts of climate changes on livestock production;
3) using epigenetic strategy to study muscle development and related disorders during embryonic development stages utilizing Myostatin transgenic mouse model.

Courses Taught:

Spring semester:
ANSC 201 Principal and Practice of Animal Science II (50-60 undergraduate students) as a primary instructor
ANSC 445 Genetics and Animal Breeding (~40 undergraduate students) as a primary instructor

Fall semester:
ANSC 200 Humans, Animals & Agriculture (50-60 undergraduate students) as a primary instructor
ANSC 387 Lab Skills in Animal Science (~20 undergraduate students) as a co-instructor
ANSC/FSHN/MBBE 650 DNA and Genetic Analysis (~25 graduate students) as a primary instructor

Research interests:

Animal Genomics and Epigenomics; Environmental genome-wide association studies (GWAS); Genomics Selection; Impacts of climate changes on livestock production; Nutrigenomics; Metagenomics; Gut health and microbiome diversity; CRISPR-Cas9.

Lab members: 

Past graduate students:
1. Huong Thanh Vu, M.S.; currently working in a Bio-tech company located in San Francisco

 Graduate students:

1. Mandeep Adhikari, Ph.D. Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering
2. Natalie Deans, M.S. Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences

Undergraduate students:
1. Christopher Aguirre, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering
2. Jacey Mitchell, Molecular Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences
3. Angela Camino, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering
4. Casey Ku, Molecular Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences

Selected Publications :

Google Scholar Profile
ResearchGate Profile

Star (*) stands for the equal-first author or corresponding author

Book Chapter

  1. Yanghua He and Jiuzhou Song. 2016. Book Chapter 15 Bioinformatics analysis of Epigenetics. In: Bioinformatics in Aquaculture (edited by John Liu), Blackwell Publishing, Ames, IA. ISBN10: 1118782356. ISBN13: 9781118782354. Publication date: 03 February 2017. Publication City/Country New York, United States.

Peer-reviewed manuscripts:

  1. Yanghua He, Robert L. Taylor Jr., Hao Bai, Christopher M. Ashwell, Keji Zhao, Yaokun Li, Guirong Sun, Huanmin Zhang, Jiuzhou Song. Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance and immunity in chickens that vary in Marek's disease resistance. Poultry Science. August 2023.
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  3. Mandeep Adhikari, Michael B. Kantar, Ryan J. Longman, Christopher Aguirre, Melelani Oshiro, Kyle Caires, C. N. Lee, Yanghua He*. Genome-wide association study for carcass weight in pasture finished beef cattle in Hawaii. Frontiers in Genetics. Volume 14. 2023. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC10203587. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2023.1168150  
  4. Jingyue Ellie Duan, Jicai Jiang, Yanghua He*. Editorial: Bridging (Epi-) Genomics and Environmental Changes: The Livestock Research. Front. Genet. 2022, 13:961232. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2022.961232 
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  7. Xi Wang, Xi Li, Sujun Wu, Kerong Shi & Yanghua He. DNA methylation and transcriptome comparative analysis for Lvliang Black goats in distinct feeding pattern reveals epigenetic basis for environment adaptation, Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2021, 35:1, 788-795, DOI: 10.1080/13102818.2021.1914164 
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Languages :

English, Mandarin