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Janice Y  Uchida

Name :

Janice Y Uchida

Title :

Assoc Plant Pathologist

Unit :

Department of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences

Address :

3190 Maile Way
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

St. John 304C

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Specialties :

Plant Pathology ; mycology ; tropical plant diseases: Ornamentals in gen.-Disease ManagementOrnamentals in gen.-PropagationHerbs & Spices-Disease ManagementHerbs & Spices-PropagationPapaya-Disease ManagementPapaya-PropagationTaro-Disease ManagementTaro-PropagationOhia-Disease ManagementOhia-Propagat

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Konawaena High School, Kona, Hawaii, 1966 B.A. Botany, University of Hawaii 1970 B.S. Botanical Sciences University of Hawaii 1972 Ph.D. Plant Pathology University of Hawaii 1984

Research Interests :

  • Etiology of New Tropical Disease:The continuous importation of new plants into the state has been accompanied by the introduction of new pathogens.Although we address all plants, we are generally focused on orchids, ornamentals, landscape, fruit, and vegetable crops.International movement of ornamentals is recognized at a pathway for global pathogen movement.New pathogens are pure cultured, hosts are challenged and causal agents are confirmed.We also conduct routine diagnostic disease analysis for nurserymen and farmers.
  • Pathogen Population Biodiversity:Pathogenicity, statewide distribution, genetic, morphological characteristics and molecular analysis of pathogen populations to determine phylogenetic and pathogenic relationships among isolates in selected fungal pathogen species. We are currently working on Puccinia psidii the new rust of ohia and other Mytaceae and Fusarium oxysporum on Acacia koa. The rust research spans the globe with cooperators in Brazil, the Caribbean, and Australia.
  • Determination of fungicide efficacy:Disease control efforts require the screening of fungicides to identify fungicides that will control diseases.New fungicides and low risk environmentally friendly compounds are being tested.Currently field testing fungicides for orchid diseases, P. psidii, and Coleosporium on plumeria.Lab tests on P. psidii.

Selected Recent Publications :

  • Uchida, J.,Kadooka, C., and Anderson, R.2008.Current research results of Puccinia psidii, the guava rust, in Hawaii.Phytopathology 98:(Abstract)
  • Loope, L., Uchida, J., and Mehrhoff, L.2007.The Threat of the Non-native Rust Puccinia psidii to Hawaiian Biodiversity and Natïve Ecosystems:A Case Example of the Need for Prevention.Proceedgs of the 2007 George WrightSoc. Conf. 112–117.
  • Uchida, J., Zhong, S. and Killgore, E.2006.First Report of a Rust Disease on Ohia caused by Puccinia psidii in Hawaii.Plant Dis. 90:524.
  • Swett, C. and Uchida, J.2006.“Four Fusarium species causing Diseases on Orchids in Hawaii.” Phytopathology 96:S112 (Abstract)
  • Thorpe, D.J., Harrington, T.C. and Uchida, J.Y.2005.Pathogenicity, internal transcribed spacer-DNA variation and human dispersal of Ceratocystis fimbriata on the family Araceae.Phytopathology 95:316-323.
  • M.L. Elliott, T.K. Broschat, J.Y. Uchida and G.W. Simone, Editors.2004 Compendium of Ornamental Palm Diseases and Disorders.APS Press USA.
  • Aragaki, M. and J.Y. Uchida. 2001.Morphological Distinctions between Phytophthora capsici and P. tropicalis sp. nov.Mycologia 93:137-145.