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Animal Sciences

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai'i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at for the latest recommendations on identification and control of these species.

A Dairy Industry in Hawai‘i?   [LM-35]  [2019]  PDF    
A portable dry-litter pig pen   [AWM-2]  [2004]  PDF    
A Preliminary Study of Microbial Water Quality Related to Food Safety in Recirculating Aquaponic Fish and Vegetable Production Systems   [FST-51]  [2012]  PDF    
A review of mobile/modular slaughter and processing technology   [FST-44]  [2011]  PDF    
A survey of livestock in Hawaii   [RP-5]  [1929]  PDF    
An assessment of economic feasibility for energy-enhanced roughage as cattle feed   [LM-7]  [2003]  PDF    
An Introduction to Natural Farming Poultry Production in Hawai‘i, the Wave of the Future   [SA-17]  [2016]  PDF    
An Introduction to Sheep and Goat Parasite Management in Hawaii   [LM-24]  [2012]  PDF    
An Overview of Hawaii Egg Quality Assurance Program for Producer Education and Implementation Programing: A New Producer Guide   [LM-37]  [2020]  PDF    
Application of ultrasound technology in beef cattle carcass research and management: frequently asked questions   [LM-13]  [2006]  PDF    
Bana Grass (Pennisetum purpureum): A possible forage for ruminants in Hawai‘i   [PRM-11]  [2016]  PDF    
Banana Silage: An Alternative Feed for Swine   [LM-31]  [2016]  PDF    
Beef Cattle Retained Ownership Analysis: Web-Based, Decision-Support Tools   [AS-8]  [2022]  PDF    
Best Management Practices for the Remediation of Former Sugarcane Lands for Sustainable Livestock Production in Hawai'i   [PRM-16]  [2022]  PDF    
Biosecurity for swine producers   [LM-22]  [2010]  PDF    
Biosecurity Procedures for Visits to Swine Farms   [LM-33]  [2018]  PDF    
Black dump fly   [LM-10-8]  [2003]  PDF    
Breeding better beef. 2. Effect of Angus, Hereford, and Santa Gertrudis sires on preweaning performance of calves   [RES-058]  [1985]  PDF    
Breeding better beef. 3. Influence of mating system on preweaning performance of calves   [RES-077]  [1987]  PDF    
Breeding better beef; 1. Preweaning performance of calves sired by Angus, Hereford, and Charolais bulls   [RES-030]  [1983]  PDF    
Bronze bottle fly   [LM-10-1]  [2003]  PDF    
Bull power: examination of beef cattle bulls for breeding soundness   [LM-17]  [2007]  PDF    
Calculating the cost of production for a cow-calf operation   [LM-11]  [2005]  PDF    
Calf-XL spreadsheet program     [2006]  PDF    
Carcass Traits and Tenderness of Hawaii Grass-Fed Beef   [LM-29]  [2015]  PDF    
Commercial cow-calf management decisions: calculating your cost of production with Calf-XL-2006   [LM-12]  [2006]  PDF    
Composted animal manures: precautions and processing   [AWM-1]  [1998]  PDF    
Copper Supplementation for Beef Cattle in Hawai‘i   [LM-36]  [2020]  PDF    
Corn Silage Production in Hawai‘i Using Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation and Precision Ag Tools: A Viable Model for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculturalists   [AS-9]  [2023]  PDF    
Dallisgrass Offers Benefits But Beware of Ergot Poisoning!   [AS-6]  [2021]  PDF    
Deboning a chicken   [Leaflet-56]  [1972]  PDF    
DNA-Based Bull Selection and Artificial Insemination for Grass-Fed Beef Cattle Production   [AS1]  [2020]  PDF    
Dog dung fly   [LM-10-5]  [2003]  PDF    
Evidence for a Need to Develop a Tropical Forage Database for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Analyses   [AS-7]  [2021]  PDF    
FDA Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Regulations (trifold)   [VE-1]  [2017]  PDF    
Hair Coat Color Influenced the Longevity of Holsteins in the Sub-Tropics   [LM-30]  [2016]  PDF    
Hawaii grown beef: from pasture to market; proceedings of the 2006 Mealani Forage Field Day, Oct. 7, 2006   [Mealani06]  [2006]  PDF    
Hog production in Hawaii   [EB-31]  [1938]  PDF    
Horn fly   [LM-10-11]  [2003]  PDF    
Horse bot fly, horse throat bot fly   [LM-10-3]  [2003]  PDF    
Horse nutrition   [C1-498]  [1981]  PDF    
House fly   [LM-10-10]  [2003]  PDF    
Hurricane Preparedness for Livestock   [LM-38]  [2020]  PDF    
Improved Leucaena (var. ‘Wondergraze’) for Sustainable Beef Production in Hawai‘i: Study 1, Evaluation of beef cattle performance and carcass characteristics   [PRM-14]  [2018]  PDF    
Inbreeding; its meaning and use in animal breeding   [C1-479]  [1973]  PDF    
Kikuyugrass for forage   [LM-5]  [2003]  PDF    
Lesser house fly   [LM-10-9]  [2003]  PDF    
Livestock Bonding for Improving Paddock Management: A Maui Case Study   [LM-32]  [2017]  PDF    
Livestock feed analysis; how to interpret the results   [livestock_feed_analysis]  [1998]  PDF    
Livestock producers' nutrient management planner guidebook; a waste management planning guide for Pacific Island livestock producers   [AWM-4]  [2008]  PDF    
Milk / BST cost of production spreadsheet     [1999]  PDF    
National Animal Identification System, phase 1: premises identification   [NAIS-1]  [2009]  PDF    
National Animal Identification System, phase 2: animal identification   [NAIS-2]  [2009]  PDF    
National Animal Identification System, phase 3: animal tracing   [NAIS-3]  [2009]  PDF    
Natural Farming; Identification of bacteria in fermented cultures of rice water and milk   [SA-23]  [2023]  PDF    
Nutrition Considerations in Aquaculture: The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Development and Human Health   [FN-11]  [2012]  PDF    
Nutritional Value of Agricultural By-Products of the Hawaiian Islands to Be Used as Animal Feeds   [LM-34]  [2019]  PDF    
Optimal harvest schedule for maricultured shrimp: a stochiastic sequential decision model   [RS-060]  [1989]  PDF    
Oriental blow fly   [LM-10-6]  [2003]  PDF    
Pangolagrass for forage   [LM-4]  [2003]  PDF    
Parasite control options for cattle in Hawaii   [LM-2]  [2001]  PDF    
Parasites important to poultry in Hawaii and their control   [LM-18]  [2007]  PDF    
Parasitic infections of man and animals in Hawaii   [TB-61]  [1964]  PDF    
Pastured poultry production: an evaluation of its sustainability in Hawaii   [LM-1]  [1999]  PDF    
Pelvic measurement of heifers: a case study in Hawaii   [RES-160]  [1995]  PDF    
Piggery Impacts to Water Quality of Streams in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia   [WI-3]  [2016]  PDF    
Potential Cause of Diarrhea in Piglets at Weaning in Hawaii   [LM-27]  [2014]  PDF    
Poultry keeping for beginners in Hawaii   [EB-020]  [1929]  PDF    
Problems of Oahu's hog and poultry farmers: past and future   [PAS-4]  [1960]  PDF    
Productive efficiency of the swine industry in Hawaii   [RS-077]  [1996]  PDF    
Raising ducks and geese in small numbers   [C1-486]  [1975]  PDF    
Raising rabbits in Hawaii   [C1-499]  [1981]  PDF    
Signalgrass for forage   [LM-3]  [2003]  PDF    
Small scale poultry production   [C1-480]  [1968]  PDF    
Small-scale pastured poultry system for egg production   [LM-20]  [2009]  PDF    
Soldier fly   [LM-10-7]  [2003]  PDF    
Southern house mosquito   [LM-10-2]  [2003]  PDF    
Stable fly   [LM-10-4]  [2003]  PDF    
Stargrass for forage   [LM-6]  [2003]  PDF    
Stocking rate: the most important tool in the toolbox   [PRM-4]  [2007]  PDF    
Sugarcane Crosses as a Potential for Ruminants: Dry-Matter YIeld and Nutrient Analysis of Selected Cultivars   [PRM-13]  [2017]  PDF    
Sugarcane Crosses as Potential Forages for Ruminants: Nutrient Compositions Were Influenced by Season and Time of Harvest 2   [PRM-8]  [2017]  PDF    
Suitability Map for Forage-Finished Beef Production Using GIS Technology: Hawai‘i Island   [PRM-7]  [2015]  PDF    
Suitability Map for Forage-Finished Beef Production Using GIS Technology: Kaua'i Island   [PRM-10]  [2016]  PDF    
Suitability Map for Forage-Finished Beef Production Using GIS Technology: Maui County   [PRM-9]  [2016]  PDF    
Swine Health Management for Hawai'i   [AS-10]  [2024]  PDF    
Swine health management for Hawaii   [LM-21]  [2009]  PDF    
Swine raising in Hawaii   [B-48]  [1923]  PDF    
The basics of heat (estrus) detection in cattle   [LM-15]  [2007]  PDF    
The economic feasibility of growing taro in rotation with field corn for dairy silage on the island of Kauai   [RES-061]  [1985]  PDF    
The Hawaii beef industry: situation and outlook update   [LM-8]  [2003]  PDF    
The management of small poultry flocks in Hawaii   [EB-32]  [1938]  PDF    
The market for Hawaii-grown natural and organic beef   [LM-9]  [2003]  PDF    
The Natural Farming Concept: A New Economical Waste Management System for Small Family Swine Farms in Hawai‘i: Most Frequently Asked Questions on the IDLS Piggery   [LM-23]  [2012]  PDF    
The use of proper semen handling during an artificial insemination program   [LM-16]  [2007]  PDF    
Three simplified estrus synchronization programs for Hawaii’s beef breeding season   [LM-14]  [2007]  PDF    
Utilizing wheat mill run for dairy calf and heifer feed   [LM-19]  [2008]  PDF    
Weaned calf decision analysis   [ITS-012]  [1983]  PDF    

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