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Foods and Nutrition

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai'i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at for the latest recommendations on identification and control of these species.

Acerola; nutritive value and home use   [C2-59]  [1961]  PDF    
Aku   [Leaflet-16]  [1961]  PDF    
Aku   [CFS-AKU-1A]  [1982]  PDF    
An overview of seafood consumption and supply sources: Hawai‘i versus U.S.   [EI-22]  [2012]  PDF    
Be safe: a home guide to help keep food safe   [FN-5]  [1999]  PDF    
Composition of Hawaii fruits   [B-135]  [1965]  PDF    
Cooking with Youth in School Gardens   [HG-47]  [2023]  PDF    
Dessert banana   [CFS-BAN-1A]  [1982]  PDF    
Dietary guidelines for Americans   [FN-1]  [1998]  PDF    
Dietary guidelines for americans, 2005   [FN-9]  [2005]  PDF    
Food irradiation: technology that can enhance food safety and Hawaii's economy   [FN-3]  [1998]  PDF    
Food safety for the holidays   [FN-7]  [2000]  PDF    
Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin: Fruits and fruit products: raw, processed, and prepared: volume 4: Composition   [RES-110]  [1990]  PDF    
Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin: Fruits and fruit products: raw, processed, and prepared: volume 5: Percentage of U.S. recommended daily allowances   [RES-070]  [1986]  PDF    
Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin: Vegetables and vegetable products: raw, processed, and prepared: volume 2: Percentage of U.S. recommended daily allowances   [RES-065]  [1986]  PDF    
Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin; vegetables and vegetable products: raw, processed, and prepared; volume 1: composition   [RES-038]  [1983]  PDF    
Foods used by Filipinos in Hawaii   [B-98]  [1946]  PDF    
Fruits of Hawaii; description, nutritive value, and use   [B-96]  [1945]  PDF    
Hawaii's federally subsidized public school lunch program and the Hawaii Department of Education's food safety requirements for it   [FST-50]  [2012]  PDF    
Hawaiian breadfruit; ethnobotany, nutrition, and human ecology   [breadfruit]  [2004]  PDF    
Hawaiian honeys   [B-17]  [1908]  PDF    
Helping Children Eat More Fruit and Vegetables   [FN-64]  [2022]  PDF    
Hot bananas! For variety in meals use the cooking banana   [Leaflet-14]  [1960]  PDF    
Lemons in Hawaii   [F_N-25]  [2013]  PDF    
Local and Imported Fruits in Hawaii From a Nutrient Perspective   [FN-14]  [2017]  PDF    
Loko i‘a   [Loko%20I'a%20Full%20Publication]  [2012]  PDF    
Nutrition Considerations in Aquaculture: The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Development and Human Health   [FN-11]  [2012]  PDF    
Nutritive values of some Hawaii foods; in household units and common measures   [C2-52]  [1957]  PDF    
Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Selenium, and Mercury Content of Aquaculture Products in Hawaii   [FN-12]  [2012]  PDF    
Papaya   [CFS-PA-1A]  [1982]  PDF    
Physical activity and your family   [FN-2]  [1998]  PDF    
Poi consumption: Consumption of a traditional staple in the contemporary era, in Honolulu, Hawaii   [DP-54]  [1981]  PDF    
Poi: A Superfood   [poi_trifold_brochure]  [2018]  PDF    
Pointers on keeping picnic foods safe   [FN-6]  [2000]  PDF    
Prize-winning passion fruit recipes   [Leaflet-29]  [1971]  PDF    
Processing and chemical investigations of taro   [B-86]  [1941]  PDF    
Red and Processed Meats: Eat in Moderation...Same Advice as Before!   [FN-13]  [2015]  PDF    
Some dietetic factors influencing the market for poi in Hawaii   [AEB-3]  [1952]  PDF    
Some facts about monosodium glutamate (MSG)   [FN-8]  [2001]  PDF    
Some tropical South Pacific island foods; description, history, use, composition, and nutritive value   [B-110]  [1958]  PDF    
Specific gravity evaluation of corm quality in taro   [C2-61]  [1964]  PDF    
Sweet potato   [CFS-SP-1A]  [1982]  PDF    
The acid lime fruit in Hawaii   [B-49]  [1923]  PDF    
Trans fats in foods   [FN-10]  [2006]  PDF    
Twelve fruits with potential value-added and culinary uses   [12fruits]  [2007]  PDF    
Ulu-Breadfruit: Postharvest Handling and Quality Maintenance Guidelines   [FN-58]  [2021]  PDF    
Use of tropical vegetables to improve diets in the Pacific Region   [RS-028]  [1984]  PDF    
Utilization and composition of Oriental vegetables in Hawaii   [B-60]  [1929]  PDF    
Ways to use vegetables in Hawaii   [B-97]  [1946]  PDF    

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