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Sustainable Agriculture

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai'i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at for the latest recommendations on identification and control of these species.

'Tropic Lalo' paspalum   [CoverCrops/tropiclalo]  [2002]  PDF    
'Tropic Sun' sunn hemp; Crotalaria juncea L.   [RES-036]  [1983]  PDF    
'Tropic Sun' sunnhemp   [GreenManureCrops/sunnhemp]  [2002]  PDF    
A Preliminary Study of Microbial Water Quality Related to Food Safety in Recirculating Aquaponic Fish and Vegetable Production Systems   [FST-51]  [2012]  PDF    
Agriculture in the Classroom: Farming in Hawaii's Middle and High Schools   [SA-18]  [2018]  PDF    
An economic comparison of commercially available organic and inorganic fertilizers for hydroponic lettuce production   [SA-5]  [2011]  PDF    
An Introduction to Natural Farming Poultry Production in Hawai‘i, the Wave of the Future   [SA-17]  [2016]  PDF    
Annual ryegrass   [GreenManureCrops/annualryegrass]  [2002]  PDF    
Azolla   [GreenManureCrops/azolla]  [2002]  PDF    
Barley   [GreenManureCrops/barley]  [2002]  PDF    
Best Management Practices for the Remediation of Former Sugarcane Lands for Sustainable Livestock Production in Hawai'i   [PRM-16]  [2022]  PDF    
Breadfruit and Breadfruit Diseases in Hawai‘i: History, Identification and Management   [FN-63]  [2021]  PDF    
Buckwheat   [GreenManureCrops/buckwheat]  [2002]  PDF    
Carpetgrass   [CoverCrops/carpetgrass]  [2002]  PDF    
Common oats   [GreenManureCrops/commonoats]  [2002]  PDF    
Cowpea   [GreenManureCrops/cowpea]  [2002]  PDF    
CTAHR and taro   [CTAHR_and_taro]  [2009]  PDF    
Farming With Bees: The Synchronization of Pollinator Plantings to Increase Production of Cucurbit Crops   [SA-6]  [2013]  PDF    
Food Safety and Conservation Co-Management: A Guide for Hawai‘i Growers   [SA-20]  [2021]  PDF    
Growing Direct-Seeded Watercress by Two Non-Circulating Hydroponic Methods   [VC-7]  [2016]  PDF    
Hawaiian kalo (taro), past and future   [SA-1]  [2007]  PDF    
How to cultivate indigenous microorganisms   [BIO-9]  [2008]  PDF    
Lablab   [GreenManureCrops/lablab]  [2002]  PDF    
Ladybeetles of Hawaii (poster)   [Ladybeetle poster2]  [2013]  PDF    
Loko i‘a   [Loko%20I'a%20Full%20Publication]  [2012]  PDF    
Low-Cost Light Sensors for Indoor Agriculture   [FST-68]  [2023]  PDF    
Microbial Population in Fermented Cooked Taro Skins   [SA-16]  [2015]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Comparison of phosphorus-solubilizing and nitrogen-fixing bacteria among Korean Natural Farming (KNF), organic (ORG), and conventional (CON) farming methods.   [SA-21]  [2021]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Diluted Seawater   [SA-9]  [2014]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Fermented Plant Juice   [SA-7]  [2013]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Fish Amino Acids   [SA-12]  [2014]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Lactic Acid Bacteria   [SA-8]  [2013]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Oriental Herbal Nutrient   [SA-11]  [2014]  PDF    
Natural Farming: The bacteria in 10 different sources of indigenous micro-organisms (IMO4) from natural farming operators in Hawai'i   [SA-22]  [2023]  PDF    
Natural Farming: The Development of Indigenous Microorganisms Using Korean Natural Farming Methods   [SA-19]  [2019]  PDF    
Natural Farming: Water-Soluble Calcium   [SA-10]  [2014]  PDF    
Organic farming in Hawaii (special issue of Vegetable Crops Update newsletter)   [VCU_4_99]  [1999]  PDF    
Overview of organic food crop systems in Hawaii   [SA-3]  [2009]  PDF    
Pangolagrass   [CoverCrops/pangola]  [2002]  PDF    
Performance and Plant-Available Nitrogen (PAN) Contribution of Cover Crops in High Elevations in Hawaii   [SA-15]  [2014]  PDF    
Pigeonpea   [GreenManureCrops/pigeonpea]  [2002]  PDF    
Pricing Produce and Products for Fair Profit Based on Cost of Production   [ET-13]  [2012]  PDF    
Rhodesgrass   [CoverCrops/rhodesgrass]  [2002]  PDF    
Rye   [GreenManureCrops/rye]  [2002]  PDF    
Small-scale lettuce production with hydroponics or aquaponics   [SA-2]  [2009]  PDF    
Soil Solarization as an Organic Pre-Emergent Weed-Management Technique   [SA-14]  [2014]  PDF    
Sorghum-sudangrass hybrids   [GreenManureCrops/sorghum-sudan]  [2002]  PDF    
St. Augustinegrass   [CoverCrops/StAugustine]  [2002]  PDF    
Stargrass   [CoverCrops/stargrass]  [2002]  PDF    
The basics of biochar : a natural soil amendment   [SCM-30]  [2010]  PDF    
The costs of “organic” insecticides   [SA-4]  [2011]  PDF    
The Natural Farming Concept: A New Economical Waste Management System for Small Family Swine Farms in Hawai‘i: Most Frequently Asked Questions on the IDLS Piggery   [LM-23]  [2012]  PDF    
Toward Sustainable Agriculture: A Guide for Hawaii's Farmers   [TSA_guide]  [2006]  PDF    
Vegetation zones of Hawaii   [B-089]  [1942]  PDF    
Volcanic Impacts on Honey Bees and Guidelines for Beekeepers: Plan “Bee”   [PP-2]  [2018]  PDF    
White clover   [CoverCrops/whiteclover]  [2002]  PDF    
White sweetclover   [GreenManureCrops/whitesweetclover]  [2002]  PDF    
Woollypod vetch   [GreenManureCrops/woollypodvetch]  [2002]  PDF    

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