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The following are NUTRITION EDUCATION FOR WELLNESS's current projects, collaborations, and liaisons. These endeavors are diverse, but are linked through commitment to achieving common goals.

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cultural competence

Cultural Competence

Tools and resources for those working with Pacific Island cultures.

diabetes detection and prevention

Diabetes Detection & Prevention

This multi-state collaborative aims to prevent diabetes and increase awareness of diabetes and related complications.

engaged instruction

Engaged Instruction

An integration of Cooperative Extension with the Instruction program that provides students with real-life experiences and opportunities for contributing to their community.

expanded food and nutrition education program

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

This state-wide project is part of the Lifeskills in Food Education - Integrated and Intergenerational (Life-II) project that provides resource management, food safety, and food skills to limited resource families with young children.

food skills 4 starters

Food Skills 4 Starters

Foodskills4starters is a visual site for helping beginner cooks familiarize themselves with the skills and tools needed to hone their inner chef.


just grow it

Food: Just Grow It!

Hawaii's Agriculture In The Classroom Project that promotes health and wellness through agriculture-related activities.

food and money basics

Food & Money Basics

A beginners' food and money management resource to assist limited income persons to manage their money while making healthy food choices.

food safety

Food Safety Resources

A web-based resources site on information for safe food handling at home and community events, food storage and food borne illness.

fruits and veggies

Fruits & Veggies — More Matters

Development and implementation of strategies and activities aimed at health promotion through increased vegetable and fruit consumption.

good grinding for wise dining

Good Grinding for Wise Dining

Good Grinding for Wise Dining is a nutrition education curriculum for older adults to be used in a group dining setting. Based on the dietary guidelines and food guidance system, the Good Grinding curriculum promotes healthy eating attitudes and behaviors using simple, targeted messages and other evidence-based strategies.

grocery store tour

Grocery Store Tour

A statewide project that promotes healthful shopping attitudes and behaviors using simple targeted messages and themes and promes consumption of veggies and fruits.


Grow Your Own

A beginners guide to basic horticultural techniques to increase access to a fresh, inexpensive, healthy food source through backyard/lanai gardening for home based food production.

healthy meetings for wellness

Healthy Meetings for Wellness

Promotion of healthy eating and physical activity in our meetings, workshops, gatherings and events.

lifeskills in food education

Lifeskills in Food Education - Integrated & Intergenerational

LIFE-II is an integrated and intergenerational project consisting of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and UH-CES Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP-Ed). This project provides practical life skills in food and nutrition for Hawaii's limited income population.

nutrition integrity

Nutrition Integrity

Goal of "practicing what we teach" by aligning our food actions with our nutrition education. Guiding principles, core concepts and action checklists are included.


Nutrition Service for Older Adults

A statewide project to provide evidence-based nutrition education modules (Good Grinding for Wise Dining), monitor the senior nutrition program, and provide training and technical assistance to Area Agencies on Aging and their Nutrition Service Providers.

Produce A Plate

Produce A Plate

A simplified translation of the Dietary Guidelines using a plate.

produce an athelte

Produce an Athlete

Tips on healthful eating with fruits and vegetables for young athletes.

snap -ed

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP - Ed)

This state-wide project is part of Lifeskills in Food Education - Integrated and Intergenerational (Life-II) project that provides resource management, food safety, and food skills to limited resource populations.

new web based resources

NEW Web Based Resources

Project brings together the projects, resources and collaborations of NEW, Nutrition Education for Wellness.


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