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McIntire-Stennis Formula Grant

McIntire-Stennis formula funds support state designated institutions' cooperative forestry research programs. CTAHR receives about $180K each year to support forestry related research projects. ARFP process is in place to solicit project proposals for funding consideration. Approved projects are eligible to receive up to $20K each year for up two years. Faculty with continuing projects may apply for additional funding through the life of the project.

CTAHR McIntire-Stennis Projects

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No.PIStart DateEnd DateExtended DateTitleUnit
597MBorthakur, Dulal10/01/201109/30/2014 Identification of important gene markers for seedling selection in the timber wood tree Acacia KoaMBBE
869MBrewbaker, James L10/01/201109/30/2014 Selection and propagation of Koa and Leucaena for production of high-value hardwoodsTPSS
108MBruland, Greg10/01/200809/30/201109/30/2012Effects of Feral Pigs (Sus Scrufa) on Water Quality and Pathogen Transport in Forested Hawaiian WatershedsNREM
197MChan, Catherine10/01/201109/30/2016 Comparative analysis of ecosystem services of a Hawaiian forestNREM
198MFares, Ali10/01/202209/30/2016 Potential impacts of alien invasive species on hydrologic processes, carbon cycle, and soil erosion in the Pacific Islands ecosystem NREM
946MGrace, J Kenneth10/01/200809/30/201109/30/2012Protection of wood products from attack by the formosan and asian subterranean termitesPEPS
196MIdol, Travis10/01/201109/30/2015 Innovative greenhouse management for improved outplanting performance of native Hawaiian tree seedlingsNREM
188MLitton, Creighton11/01/200809/30/201109/30/2012Independent and Interactive Impacts of Land Use Change and Temperature on Below Ground Carbon CyclingNREM
143MMiura, Tomoaki10/01/200809/30/201109/30/2012Development of a Satellite-Based Monitoring System of Tropical Forest Ecosystem Dynamics in HawaiiNREM
803MMiyasaka, Susan C.10/01/200809/30/201109/30/2012Identification of genetic markers to improve disease tolerance in acacia koaTPSS