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Fruit, Nut, and Beverage Crops

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai'i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at for the latest recommendations on identification and control of these species.

'Malama', an early fall avocado   [CFS-AVO-3C]  [1992]  PDF    
'Mealani', a New Variety of Tea for Hawai‘i   [NPH-15]  [2016]  PDF    
'Sharwil' Avocado Identification   [F_N-50]  [2017]  PDF    
'Sunrise Solo'; a different colored solo papaya   [C2-69]  [1968]  PDF    
'Sunset' solo papaya   [CFS-PA-3B]  [1993]  PDF    
‘Exel’, a high quality dessert mango   [CFS-MAN-3B]  [1992]  PDF    
‘Greengold’ – a late season avocado   [CFS-AVO-3D]  [1993]  PDF    
‘Kaimana’, an improved new lychee cultivar for Hawaii   [CFS-LYCH-3B]  [1992]  PDF    
‘Kary’, an improved carambola for commercial planting   [CFS-CAR-3A]  [1992]  PDF    
‘Kilauea’ and ‘Red Button,’ two ‘Ohelo, vaccinium reticulatum, cultivars from Hawai‘i   [F_N-18]  [2011]  PDF    
‘Malama’, an early fall avocado   [CFS-AVO-3C]  [1992]  PDF    
‘Puma’ grapefruit   [CFS-GRA-3A]  [1992]  PDF    
‘Rapoza’ – a high-quality mango   [CFS-MAN-3C]  [1993]  PDF    
A method of assessing new crop potential in Hawaii; a case study of the Hawaiian papaya industry   [RES-079]  [1987]  PDF    
A molecular marker system for determining mango leaf age   [HITAHR_04-06-93_71-72]  [1993]  PDF    
A Pictorial Guide to Coffee Grafting   [F_N-54]  [2019]  PDF    
A rapid method for on-farm quality evaluation of macadamia nuts   [F_N-11a]  [2005]  PDF    
A rapid method for on-farm quality evaluation of macadamia nuts (companion poster)   [F_N-11b]  [2005]  PDF    
Abiu   [F_N-24]  [2011]  PDF    
Acerola; nutritive value and home use   [C2-59]  [1961]  PDF    
Acidification of volcanic ash soils from Maui and Hawai‘i Island for blueberry and tea production   [AS-5]  [2011]  PDF    
Advancing sales of Hawaii-grown avocados through labeling   [F_N-16]  [2010]  PDF    
An Introduction to the Square-Necked Grain Beetle as a Predator of Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii   [IP-40]  [2016]  PDF    
Atemoya: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-38]  [2015]  PDF    
Avocado   [HC-4]  [1997]  PDF    
Avocado cost of production spreadsheet     [1999]  PDF    
Banana cost of production spreadsheet     [1999]  PDF    
Better rootstocks for citrus grown in Hawaii   [RES-053]  [1985]  PDF    
Bilimbi   [F_N-23]  [2011]  PDF    
Biological control of postharvest fruit pathogens in papaya   [HITAHR_05-08-94_34-38]  [1994]  PDF    
Breadfruit and Breadfruit Diseases in Hawai‘i: History, Identification and Management   [FN-63]  [2021]  PDF    
Breadfruit: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-37]  [2015]  PDF    
Bumpy fruit of papaya as related to boron deficiency   [CFS-PA-4B]  [1991]  PDF    
Bunchy top disease of bananas   [CFS-BAN-4A]  [1989]  PDF    
Bush Tucker in Hawai'i   [FN-57]  [2020]  PDF    
Cacao cost of production spreadsheet     [2009]  PDF    
Carambola: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-30]  [2014]  PDF    
Carbohydrate balance as a major factor affecting yield of the coffee tree   [PN-091]  [1953]  PDF    
Characteristics of eight Japanese tea cultivars   [F_N-15]  [2010]  PDF    
Cherimoya: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-40]  [2015]  PDF    
Citrus culture in Hawaii   [B-71]  [1943]  PDF    
Citrus for Hawaii’s yards and gardens   [F_N-14]  [2008]  PDF    
Citrus fruits in Hawaii   [B-09]  [1905]  PDF    
Citrus tristeza virus in Hawaii   [PD-77]  [2011]  PDF    
Coconut: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-45]  [2015]  PDF    
Coffee cost of production spreadsheet     [2002]  PDF    
Common problems of macadamia nut in Hawaii   [RES-112]  [1990]  PDF    
Composition of Hawaii fruits   [B-135]  [1965]  PDF    
Constructing a Cenicafé rake for stirring deck-dried coffee   [EN-2]  [2005]  PDF    
Crop improvement in Hawaii: past, present, and future   [MP-180]  [1982]  PDF    
CTAHR and Coffee in Hawai‘i, 1986 to 2017   [FN-61]  [2021]  PDF    
Damage to Papaya Caused by Thrips parvispinus (Karny) (poster)   [Papaya_Thrips_poster]  [2013]  PDF    
Damage to Papaya Caused by Thrips parvispinus (Karny) (poster) (Ilocano)   [Papaya_Thrips.ILO.2]  [2013]  PDF    
Dessert banana   [CFS-BAN-1A]  [1982]  PDF    
Determining internal quality of mango fruit   [HITAHR_04-06-93_41-47]  [1993]  PDF    
Dragon Fruit: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-28]  [2014]  PDF    
Durian for Hawaii   [F_N-53]  [2019]  PDF    
Durian: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-27]  [2014]  PDF    
Ecology of Bactrocera latifrons populations in Hawaii   [HITAHR_05-08-94_40-42]  [1994]  PDF    
Engineering a hydroponic system for growing mango trees   [HITAHR_04-06-93_67-70]  [1993]  PDF    
Enhancing Ant-Termite Interactions to Protect Citrus Trees from Forest Tree Termite Damage   [IP-58]  [2023]  PDF    
Equipment for husking poha berries   [TB-60]  [1966]  PDF    
Evaluation of Conventional and Organic Insecticides Against Avocado Lace Bug in Hawai‘i   [IP-51]  [2022]  PDF    
Evaluation of pot size for greenhouse production of ‘Misty’ Southern highbush blueberry in Volcano, Hawaii   [F_N-48]  [2017]  PDF    
Exporting mangos to Canada   [HITAHR_04-06-93_100]  [1993]  PDF    
Exporting mangos to Europe   [HITAHR_04-06-93_101-102]  [1993]  PDF    
Factors affecting development of a tea industry in Hawaii   [AB-15]  [2004]  PDF    
Factors affecting the growth and yield of coffee in Kona, Hawaii   [B-113]  [1958]  PDF    
Farming With Bees: The Synchronization of Pollinator Plantings to Increase Production of Cucurbit Crops   [SA-6]  [2013]  PDF    
Fertilization of avocado trees   [CFS-AVO-3B]  [1988]  PDF    
Fertilization of coffee in Kona with special reference to nitrogen nutrition   [PN-117]  [1958]  PDF    
Fertilizers for fruit trees in the home garden   [GHGS-37]  [1986]  PDF    
Final report: the markets and marketing issues of the Kona coffee industry   [ITS-034]  [1989]  PDF    
Finger Limes   [FN 56]  [2020]  PDF    
Floral manipulation in mangos   [HITAHR_04-06-93_54-60]  [1993]  PDF    
Fruit flies and mango seed weevil in relation to quarantine   [HITAHR_04-06-93_5-9]  [1993]  PDF    
Fruits of Hawaii; description, nutritive value, and use   [B-96]  [1945]  PDF    
Fundamentals of beekeeping in Hawaii   [EB-55]  [1952]  PDF    
Germinating Coffea liberica Rootstock Seedlings for Grafting and Coffee Root-knot Nematode Tolerance   [FN-65]  [2022]  PDF    
Girdling as a means of promoting flower-bud initiation in litchi   [PN-095]  [1953]  PDF    
Government assistance in marketing and promoting Hawaii's agricultural products   [HITAHR_04-06-93_97-99]  [1993]  PDF    
Grafted coffee plant cost of production spreadsheet     [2001]  PDF    
Grafting and topworking the macadamia   [AEC-058]  [1951]  PDF    
Grafting Avocado   [F_N-51]  [2019]  PDF    
Grafting Cacao   [FN55]  [2020]  PDF    
Grafting Macadamia Trees in Hawaii   [F_N-47]  [2016]  PDF    
Grafting the mango in Hawaii   [AEC-059]  [1950]  PDF    
Green Tea Quality Evaluation: Identifying Common Defects   [FST-65]  [2016]  PDF    
Greenhouse and Nursery Sanitation: Tools, Equipment, Workers, and Visitors   [OF-54]  [2021]  PDF    
Growing Blueberries for Home Production in Hawaii   [F_N-46]  [2015]  PDF    
Growing coffee in Hawaii   [coffee08]  [2008]  PDF    
Growing coffee in Hawaii (revised edition, 2008)     [1999]  PDF     For sale
Growing Grapes in Hawaii   [F_N-26]  [2014]  PDF    
Growing guava for processing   [EB1-63]  [1959]  PDF    
Growing lychee in Hawaii   [F_N-2]  [1999]  PDF    
Growing macadamia nuts in Hawaii   [B-121]  [1959]  PDF    
Growing mangos in Hawaii: a commercial grower's perspective   [HITAHR_04-06-93_75]  [1993]  PDF    
Growing mangos in Hawaii: a small grower's perspective   [HITAHR_04-06-93_73-74]  [1993]  PDF    
Guava (Psidium guajava L.) in Hawaii--history and production   [RES-035]  [1983]  PDF    
Guava: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-41]  [2015]  PDF    
Hamakua coast--agriculture in transition   [HITAHR_05-08-94_27-29]  [1994]  PDF    
Harvest and Postharvest Tips for Better Quality and Longer Postharvest Life   [F_N-36]  [2014]  PDF    
Hawai‘i Tea Growers’ Survey   [FN-62]  [2021]  PDF    
Hawai‘i-grown tea: a market feasibility study executive summary   [tea_2011]  [2011]  PDF    
Hawaii grading standards for mangos   [HITAHR_04-06-93_84-95]  [1993]  PDF    
Hawaiian breadfruit -- ethnobotany, nutrition, and human ecology     [2005]  PDF     For sale
Hawaiian breadfruit; ethnobotany, nutrition, and human ecology   [breadfruit]  [2004]  PDF    
Heart and Root Rots of Pineapple   [PD-106]  [2015]  PDF    
Highlights of the 4th International Mango Symposium (Florida)   [HITAHR_04-06-93_1-4]  [1993]  PDF    
Hot bananas! For variety in meals use the cooking banana   [Leaflet-14]  [1960]  PDF    
How to Minimize On-Farm Papaya Fruit Damage (poster)   [Papaya_Harvest_poster]  [2013]  PDF    
How to Minimize On-Farm Papaya Fruit Damage (poster) (Ilocano)   [Papaya_Harvest_ILOC.1]  [2013]  PDF    
In-Tray Procedure for Rooting Tea Cuttings   [SCM-35]  [2019]  PDF    
Insect and Mite Pests of Blueberries in Hawaii   [IP-42]  [2017]  PDF    
Insect, Mite, and Snail Pests of Papaya in Hawaii (poster)   [papaya_pests_poster2]  [2013]  PDF    
Inspection requirements for papayas   [HITAHR_05-08-94_55-57]  [1994]  PDF    
Irradiating mango?   [HITAHR_04-06-93_13-15]  [1993]  PDF    
Jaboticaba   [F_N-20]  [2011]  PDF    
Jackfruit   [F_N-19]  [2011]  PDF    
Kona Coffee Root-Knot Nematode Sampling Procedures   [PD-114]  [2018]  PDF    
Laurel Wilt: A Potential Threat to Hawaii Avocado Production   [IP-56]  [2023]  PDF    
Lemons in Hawaii   [F_N-25]  [2013]  PDF    
Local and Imported Fruits in Hawaii From a Nutrient Perspective   [FN-14]  [2017]  PDF    
Longan: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-35]  [2014]  PDF    
Longkong, Duku, and Langsat: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-42]  [2015]  PDF    
Lychee   [HC-1]  [1997]  PDF    
Lychee Fruit Bagging for Commercial and Home Growers   [F&N-14]  [2013]  PDF    
Lychee: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-29]  [2014]  PDF    
Ma'afala Breadfruit: When to Harvest?   [FN-66]  [2023]  PDF    
Macadamia integrated pest management; IPM of insects and mites attacking macadamia nuts in Hawaii   [mac_ipm]  [2002]  PDF    
Macadamia nut cost of production spreadsheet     [1999]  PDF    
Macadamia Nut Orchard Modification Strategies for Reducing Macadamia Felted Coccid (Eriococcus ironsidei) Populations in Hawai‘i   [IP-48]  [2020]  PDF    
Macadamia nuts in Hawaii: history and production   [RES-039]  [1984]  PDF    
Macadamia: Hawaii's dessert nut   [C1-485]  [1983]  PDF    
Major Papaya Diseases in Hawaii (poster)   [papaya_disease_poster]  [2013]  PDF    
Major Weeds in Pineapple Fields of Hawai'i   [FN-60]  [2021]  PDF    
Mango   [HC-2]  [1988]  PDF    
Mango blossom midge   [HITAHR_04-06-93_16-19]  [1993]  PDF    
Mango culture in Hawaii   [B-58]  [1929]  PDF    
Mango diseases and their control   [HITAHR_04-06-93_20-24]  [1993]  PDF    
Mango processing   [HITAHR_04-06-93_51-53]  [1993]  PDF    
Mango propagation practices in a commercial nursery   [HITAHR_04-06-93_34-35]  [1993]  PDF    
Mango: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-43]  [2014]  PDF    
Mangosteen: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-31]  [2014]  PDF    
Market niches for mango products   [HITAHR_04-06-93_103-105]  [1993]  PDF    
Market statistics for mango   [HITAHR_04-06-93_80-83]  [1993]  PDF    
Marketing Hawaiian fruits   [B-14]  [1907]  PDF    
Marketing mangos in Hawaii   [HITAHR_04-06-93_96]  [1993]  PDF    
Marketing recommendations for the Hawaii banana industry   [RES-106]  [1989]  PDF    
Measuring coffee bean moisture content   [EN-3]  [2008]  PDF    
Micropropagation of Hermaphrodite Carica papaya L. ‘Rainbow’ Seedlings via Axillary Bud Pathway   [BIO-12]  [2016]  PDF    
Mineral deficiency symptoms of coffee   [RES-073]  [1986]  PDF    
Needs and Interests of Experienced Hawaii Seed Savers   [SA-24]  [2023]  PDF    
Nitrogen and potassium interact to shape a yield response surface   [IC-19]  [1980]  PDF    
Non-invasive fruit trees for gardens in Hawaii   [F_N-17]  [2010]  PDF    
Noni cultivation in Hawaii   [F_N-4]  [2001]  PDF    
Noni seed handling and seedling production   [F_N-10]  [2005]  PDF    
Olive Fruit Fly Management   [IP-57]  [2023]  PDF    
Optimizing germination of papaya seeds   [F_N-8]  [2004]  PDF    
Origin and classification of mango varieties in Hawaii   [HITAHR_04-06-93_28-33]  [1993]  PDF    
Panagmula ti papaya ditoy Hawaii (Papaya production in Hawaii)   [F_N-3a]  [2000]  PDF    
Papaya   [CFS-PA-3A]  [1989]  PDF    
Papaya fungicide research update   [HITAHR_05-08-94_39]  [1994]  PDF    
Papaya Maturity Chart (poster)   [Papaya_Ripening.ENG.1]  [2016]  PDF    
Papaya Maturity Chart (poster) (Ilocano)   [Papaya_Ripening.ILO.1]  [2016]  PDF    
Papaya postharvest losses during marketing   [HITAHR_05-08-94_30-33]  [1994]  PDF    
Papaya production in Hawaii   [F_N-3]  [2000]  PDF    
Papaya production in the Hawaiian Islands   [B-87]  [1941]  PDF    
Papaya ringspot virus (PRV): a serious disease of papaya   [CFS-PA-4A]  [1989]  PDF    
Papaya ringspot virus cross protection--an update   [HITAHR_05-08-94_16-17]  [1994]  PDF    
Papaya statistics   [HITAHR_05-08-94_43-51]  [1994]  PDF    
Papaya: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-34]  [2014]  PDF    
Passion fruit culture in Hawaii   [AEC-345]  [1974]  PDF    
Passion Fruit: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-44]  [2014]  PDF    
Patenting and licensing papaya cultivars   [HITAHR_05-08-94_20-23]  [1994]  PDF    
Persimmon   [CFS-PERS-3A]  [1989]  PDF    
Pesticides for use in papaya   [HITAHR_05-08-94_24-26]  [1994]  PDF    
Pesticides registered for mango   [HITAHR_04-06-93_25-27]  [1993]  PDF    
Pesticides Registered for Use in Tea in Hawai‘i   [F_N-52]  [2019]  PDF    
Phytophthora blight of papaya   [PD-53]  [2008]  PDF    
Pineapple cultivation in Hawaii   [F_N-7]  [2002]  PDF    
Pineapple: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-32]  [2014]  PDF    
Pitaya (dragon fruit, strawberry pear)   [F_N-9]  [2004]  PDF    
Poha   [HC-3]  [1997]  PDF    
Postharvest physiology of mango fruit   [HITAHR_04-06-93_36-40]  [1993]  PDF    
Postharvest rots of banana   [PD-54]  [2008]  PDF    
Preliminary yields of southern highbush blueberry in Waimea, Hawai’i   [F_N-12]  [2006]  PDF    
Premature leaf senescence of banana—a symptom of potassium exhaustion   [IC-18]  [1980]  PDF    
Pricing Produce and Products for Fair Profit Based on Cost of Production   [ET-13]  [2012]  PDF    
Prize-winning passion fruit recipes   [Leaflet-29]  [1971]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2015 Coffee Berry Borer Summit   [CBB_Summit_2015_Proceedings]  [2015]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2016 Coffee Berry Borer Summit   [CBB_Summit_2016_Proceedings]  [2016]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2018 Coffee Berry Borer Conference   [CBB_Conference_2018_Proceedings]  [2019]  PDF    
Proceedings: 29th annual Hawaii Papaya Industry Association Conference   [HITAHR_05-08-94]  [1994]  PDF    
Proceedings: Conference on mango in Hawaii   [HITAHR_04-06-93]  [1993]  PDF    
Proceedings: Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers fourth annual conference   [HITAHR_08-10-95]  [1995]  PDF    
Proceedings: second annual Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Conference   [HITAHR_07-09-93]  [1993]  PDF    
Proceedings: third annual Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Conference   [HITAHR_06-09-94]  [1994]  PDF    
Processing macadamia nuts at home   [F_N-6]  [2002]  PDF    
Processing of the macadamia   [B-83]  [1939]  PDF    
Producing avocado in Hawaii   [C1-382]  [1978]  PDF    
Propagation and cultivation of ohelo   [F_N-13]  [2008]  PDF    
Pruning Methods for the Management of Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Borer in Hawai'i   [PD-126]  [2022]  PDF    
Questions and Answers on Crop Insurance for Hawai'i Coffee   [PD-127]  [2022]  PDF    
Rambutan: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-33]  [2014]  PDF    
Raspberry late leaf rust in Hawaii caused by Pucciniastrum americanum   [PD-73]  [2011]  PDF    
Recomendaciones para el manejo integrado de plaga de la broca del café en Hawái 2016   [IP-41_Spanish]  [2017]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawai‘i 2020   [IP-47]  [2020]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawaii 2013   [IP-31]  [2013]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawaii 2016   [IP-41]  [2017]  PDF    
Recommended Cacao Varieties Tested in Hawai'i   [FN-59]  [2021]  PDF    
Reflective Guide to Growing Olives for Oil Production in Hawai‘i   [NPH-16]  [2017]  PDF    
Regulations governing papaya ringspot virus control   [HITAHR_05-08-94_6-15]  [1994]  PDF    
Required and optional labeling for loose tea for sale   [FST-47]  [2012]  PDF    
Research on quarantine disinfestation of mangos   [HITAHR_04-06-93_10-12]  [1993]  PDF    
Rollinia   [F_N-21]  [2011]  PDF    
Selection, evaluation, and naming of acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) cultivars   [C2-65]  [1968]  PDF    
Sensory quality of mango fruit   [HITAHR_04-06-93_48-50]  [1993]  PDF    
Serious economic pests of coffee that may accidentally be introduced to Hawaii   [RES-156]  [1995]  PDF    
Shield budding the mango   [B-20]  [1910]  PDF    
Some tropical South Pacific island foods; description, history, use, composition, and nutritive value   [B-110]  [1958]  PDF    
Soursop   [F_N-22]  [2011]  PDF    
Sprayer Calibration for Orchard Crops and Pesticide Calculations     [2022]  PDF    
Sprayer Calibration with Handheld Sprayer Systems for Orchard Crops   [PRRE-10]  [2022]  PDF    
Spraying to Suppress Coffee Leaf Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) in Hawai'i   [PD-118]  [2021]  PDF    
Surveying, Sampling, and Monitoring of Coffee Leaf Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) for Early Disease Control in Hawai'i   [PD-125]  [2022]  PDF    
Tea (Camellia sinensis), a new crop for Hawaii   [tea_04_07]  [2007]  PDF    
Ten tropical fruits of potential value for crop diversification in Hawaii   [RES-085]  [1987]  PDF    
The acid lime fruit in Hawaii   [B-49]  [1923]  PDF    
The avocado in Hawaii   [B-25]  [1911]  PDF    
The banana in Hawaii   [B-07]  [1904]  PDF    
The coffee market in Japan   [ITS-037]  [1990]  PDF    
The economics of commercial banana production in Hawaii   [AB-08]  [1994]  PDF    
The economics of producing coffee in Kona   [AB-11]  [1998]  PDF    
The economics of producing grafted coffee plants   [AB-14]  [2001]  PDF    
The effect of manganese on pineapple plants and the ripening of the pineapple fruit   [B-028]  [1912]  PDF    
The extraction and use of kukui oil   [PB-039]  [1913]  PDF    
The Guatemalan avocado in Hawaii   [B-51]  [1924]  PDF    
The litchi in Hawaii   [B-44]  [1917]  PDF    
The mango in Hawaii   [B-12]  [1906]  PDF    
The mango industry in the Americas   [HITAHR_04-06-93_76-79]  [1993]  PDF    
The papaya in Hawaii   [B-32]  [1914]  PDF    
The pineapple in Hawaii   [PB-036]  [1912]  PDF    
Tropical fruit syrups   [C2-70]  [1968]  PDF    
Tropical Fruit Tree Propagation Guide   [F_N-49]  [2017]  PDF    
Twelve fruits with potential value-added and culinary uses   [12fruits]  [2007]  PDF    
Ulu-Breadfruit: Postharvest Handling and Quality Maintenance Guidelines   [FN-58]  [2021]  PDF    
Update on genetically engineered PRV resistance   [HITAHR_05-08-94_18-19]  [1994]  PDF    
Update on the papaya ringspot virus situation in Puna   [HITAHR_05-08-94_3-5]  [1994]  PDF    
Use of potassium nitrate on mango flowering   [HITAHR_04-06-93_61-66]  [1993]  PDF    
Wax Apple: Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines   [F_N-39]  [2015]  PDF    
What makes a good avocado cultivar good?   [F_N-1]  [1999]  PDF    
Why papaya trees fail to fruit   [AEC-339]  [1972]  PDF    
Why some papaya plants fail to fruit   [F_N-5]  [2001]  PDF    

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