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As of January, 2008 this website is no longer being updated, but will continue to
be made available for historic purposes, and includes information on
agtourism efforts in Hawaii from 2000 - 2007. For current information on
Hawaii's agtourism industry, see the Hawaii Agritourism Association's website.

Today’s visitors to Hawaii and other traditional tourist destinations are increasingly interested in learning more about the region they are visiting -- its local traditions, its regional cuisine, and its rural culture and agriculture. The developing industry that serves these visitors is now called "Agtourism."
Hawaii Agtourism offers visitors opportunities to look behind the scenes, to experience more than just a sunny beach and the purchase of an Aloha shirt. With its natural beauty, warm weather, and renowned agricultural products (coffee, macadamia nuts, flowers, and tropical fruits of many kinds), Hawaii’s small farms and rural communities offer an extraordinary array of memorable experiences.

Find out about the emerging Hawaii Agtourism Association

Reports from the recent Agtourism in Hawaii Conference
Friday, January 12, 2007
Keauhou Beach Hotel, KONA


Original wood block print, "Pua Naupaka", created by Dietrich Varez, Island of Hawaii.


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