University of Hawaii at Manoa
UH SealCollege of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources


Hawaii Crop Improvement Association (HCIA)
Representing Hawaii’s seed industry (~$250m/yr in 2015), HCIA’s website deals extensively with biotechnology and the issues of “GMOs” (transgenic varieties).

University of Hawaii’s Seed Program
Lists of varieties of seeds, largely vegetables and papaya, marketed by the university’s ADSC center.

Publications of CTAHR
Publications of the college, including many dealing with crop improvement.

Molokai Seed Company
Marketing seeds of crotolaria (“Tropic Sun”) and of vetivergrass, developed by the USDA center on Molokai.

Maize Genetic Stock Center, University of Illinois
Center for preservation and improvement of genetic stocks of maize, embracing all named mutants.

Additional Links: Websites occur for a variety of organizations in Hawaii, some now specializing in non-GMO and/or organic and/or heirloom varieties. .