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Undergraduate Students
I am currently advising a number of undergraduate students.  Typically, undergraduates are assigned to an advisor, but if your interests are similar to the work that we are doing in my lab, I encourage you to come talk to me.  I am always looking for undergraduate students to participate in our research projects.

For undergraduate students interested in pursuing a B.S. degree in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, click here for more information.

Graduate Students

I take the role of advisor very seriously.  It is a significant expenditure of time, energy and resources from both the advisor and the advisee.  It only makes sense for you to come to graduate school for the right reasons, and it only makes sense for me to advise you if your interests are compatible with mine. It makes sense to work with me if you are interested in: terrestrial ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, forest ecology, global change biology, invasive species ecology, disturbance ecology, and/or restoration ecology.  It doesn't make much sense for you to work with me if your interests are outside of these broad areas.  Most of my work is field-based and, these days, is in Hawaii.  Thus, most of my energy and resources are dedicated to the Hawaiian archipelago. However, I am also involved in research outside of Hawaii and I am certainly open to the idea of working with students in new geographic areas.  In thinking about graduate school, you should seriously consider who your advisor will be.  It may be the most important decision you make about your graduate program. I highly encourage (i.e., essentially require) students interested in working with me to contact me directly prior to applying.  An in-person visit to our lab is the most ideal approach to help you decide if our lab, department, and university are right for you.  A good second option for those outside of Hawaii is a phone conversation (preceded by an email or two to set things up).

Click here for information on what I think graduate education is, what I expect from graduate students in my lab, and what students can expect from me.

If you do decide that you are interested in pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in my lab, please feel free to contact me.

General information on the graduate program in Natural Resources and Environmental Management can be found here.