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Insect Pests

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai'i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at for the latest recommendations on identification and control of these species.

A catalog of Acari of the Hawaiian Islands   [RES-075]  [1987]  PDF    
Alien pest alert: stop the little fire ant   [IP-LFA]  [2008]  PDF    
An Introduction to Sheep and Goat Parasite Management in Hawaii   [LM-24]  [2012]  PDF    
An Introduction to the Square-Necked Grain Beetle as a Predator of Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii   [IP-40]  [2016]  PDF    
Ant Damage to Banana Fruits by Abdominal Secretions   [IP-29]  [2012]  PDF    
Anthurium thrips damage to ornamentals in Hawaii   [IP-9]  [2002]  PDF    
Avocado Lace Bug in Hawaii   [IP-50]  [2020]  PDF    
Banana moth as a pest of coffee   [IP-21]  [2005]  PDF    
Banana moth, a potentially fatal pest of Pritchardia and other palms   [IP-24]  [2005]  PDF    
Banana rust thrips damage to banana and ornamentals in Hawaii   [IP-10]  [2002]  PDF    
Biltothrips minutus (Bhatti), Thysanoptera: Thripidae Causing Damage to Various Plants in Hawai‘i   [IP-45]  [2018]  PDF    
Biology, Management, and Updated Host Range of the Lobate Lac Scale (Paratachardina pseudolobata) in Hawaii's Urban Landscapes   [IP-34]  [2015]  PDF    
Blossom midge in Hawaii -- a pest on ornamentals and vegetables   [IP-11]  [2002]  PDF    
Bougainvillea looper   [IP-2]  [1998]  PDF    
Coconut and Palm Pests Alert   [Coconut_and_Palm_Pests_brochure]  [2012]  PDF    
Coffee Berry Borer IPM Flier   [CBB-IPM]  [2019]  PDF    
Collective Action for Control of Invasive Species on Windward O‘ahu   [IP-53]  [2022]  PDF    
CTAHR and Coffee in Hawai‘i, 1986 to 2017   [FN-61]  [2021]  PDF    
Cycad scale on sago palm   [IP-23]  [2005]  PDF    
Damage to Papaya Caused by Thrips parvispinus (Karny) (poster)   [Papaya_Thrips_poster]  [2013]  PDF    
Damage to Papaya Caused by Thrips parvispinus (Karny) (poster) (Ilocano)   [Papaya_Thrips.ILO.2]  [2013]  PDF    
Destructive turf caterpillars in Hawaii   [IP-5]  [2000]  PDF    
Diseases and pests of carnation   [RES-107]  [1989]  PDF    
Erythrina ‘Dominic’ and ‘Sophia: Two Erythrina Gall Wasp-Resistant Cultivars to Replace the ‘Tropic Coral’ Tall Wiliwili   [OF-58]  [2023]  PDF    
Evaluating spiders for their potential to control cabbage white butterflies (Pieris rapae)   [IP-25]  [2007]  PDF    
Evaluation of Amulet™ C-L Fruit Fly Bait Stations and Roosting Host Plants for the Control of Melon Fruit Fly on Zucchini Crops   [IP-54]  [2023]  PDF    
Evaluation of Conventional and Organic Insecticides Against Avocado Lace Bug in Hawai‘i   [IP-51]  [2022]  PDF    
Evaluation of insecticides for the management of rough sweetpotato weevil, Blosyrus asellus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Hawai‘i Island   [IP-38]  [2016]  PDF    
Garlic Production Guidelines for Hawai'i   [VC-8]  [2022]  PDF    
Germinating Coffea liberica Rootstock Seedlings for Grafting and Coffee Root-knot Nematode Tolerance   [FN-65]  [2022]  PDF    
Greenhouse and Nursery Sanitation: Irrigation Water and Equipment   [PD-119]  [2021]  PDF    
Greenhouse and Nursery Sanitation: Tools, Equipment, Workers, and Visitors   [OF-54]  [2021]  PDF    
Growing dendrobium orchids in Hawaii; production and pest management guide   [dendrobium_production]  [1999]  PDF    
Guide to insect and mite pests of tea (Camellia sinensis) in Hawaii     [2008]  PDF     For sale
Guide to insect and mite pests of tea in Hawai‘i   [IP-28]  [2008]  PDF    
Hawai‘i Landscape Plant Pest Guide: Chewing Insects   [IP-37]  [2016]  PDF    
Hawai‘i Landscape Plant Pest Guide: Mites and Gall-Forming Insects   [IP-35]  [2016]  PDF    
Hawaii's termites -- an identification guide     [1999]  PDF     For sale
Hawaii's termites: an identification guide   [HSP-1]  [1999]  PDF    
Hibiscus erineum mite   [IP-7]  [2001]  PDF    
Hopper burn on papaya caused by the Stevens leafhopper   [IP-15]  [2004]  PDF    
How to recognize symptoms of aster yellows in watercress   [IP-20]  [2004]  PDF    
Huge Benefits From Managing Little Fire Ant on the Big Island   [EI-26]  [2014]  PDF    
Hydrogel Baits for Ant Control and the Combined Use of Hydrogel Baits and Tanglefoot for Citrus Sooty Mold Control   [IP-55]  [2023]  PDF    
Identifying the little fire ant: a new invasive species on Kauai   [IP-16]  [2004]  PDF    
Insect and Mite Pests of Blueberries in Hawaii   [IP-42]  [2017]  PDF    
Insect and mite pests of macadamia nuts in Hawaii -- a quick reference guide   [IP-12]  [2003]  PDF    
Insect control chart for ornamental crops   [IP-19L]  [2004]  PDF    
Insect control chart for ornamental crops (poster format)   [IP-19T]  [2004]  PDF    
Insect, Mite, and Snail Pests of Papaya in Hawaii (poster)   [papaya_pests_poster2]  [2013]  PDF    
Insects attacking the sweet potato in Hawaii   [B-22]  [1911]  PDF    
Insects injurious to corn   [B-27]  [1912]  PDF    
Integrated pest management for home gardens: insect identification and control   [IP-13]  [2003]  PDF    
Invasive Aphids in Hawaii     [2012]  PDF     For sale
Laurel Wilt: A Potential Threat to Hawaii Avocado Production   [IP-56]  [2023]  PDF    
Macadamia Felted Coccid Eriococcus ironsidei (Hemiptera: Eriococidae) Description, Monitoring, and Control   [IP-43]  [2017]  PDF    
Macadamia integrated pest management -- IPM of insects and mites attacking macadamia nuts in Hawaii     [2002]  PDF     For sale
Macadamia integrated pest management; IPM of insects and mites attacking macadamia nuts in Hawaii   [mac_ipm]  [2002]  PDF    
Macadamia Nut Orchard Modification Strategies for Reducing Macadamia Felted Coccid (Eriococcus ironsidei) Populations in Hawai‘i   [IP-48]  [2020]  PDF    
Management of Caterpillar Pests in Hawai‘i Pastures   [PRM-12]  [2016]  PDF    
Managing fruit flies on farms in Hawaii   [IP-4]  [1999]  PDF    
Mangosteen caterpillar   [IP-14]  [2004]  PDF    
Mosquitoes in Hawaii   [B-6]  [1904]  PDF    
Most unwanted pests in the United States - have you seen these insects?   [p-pests]  [2011]  PDF    
New technology for managing the Formosan subterranean termite   [HSP-3]  [1999]  PDF    
Olive Fruit Fly Management   [IP-49]  [2020]  PDF    
Ornamental Pests of Hawai'i: Disease Management of Protea and Leucospermum spp.   [OF-61]  [2023]  PDF    
Ornamental Pests of Hawai?i: Fungal and Nematode Associations and Symptoms on Protea and Leucospermum spp.   [OF-60]  [2023]  PDF    
Parasitic infections of man and animals in Hawaii   [TB-61]  [1964]  PDF    
Pest management strategies for anthuriums   [IP-17]  [2004]  PDF    
Pesticide Compatibility: Jar Testing Before Tank Mixing   [PRRE-11]  [2022]  PDF    
Pesticides Registered for Use in Tea in Hawai‘i   [F_N-52]  [2019]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2015 Coffee Berry Borer Summit   [CBB_Summit_2015_Proceedings]  [2015]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2016 Coffee Berry Borer Summit   [CBB_Summit_2016_Proceedings]  [2016]  PDF    
Proceedings: 2018 Coffee Berry Borer Conference   [CBB_Conference_2018_Proceedings]  [2019]  PDF    
Pruning Methods for the Management of Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Borer in Hawai'i   [PD-126]  [2022]  PDF    
Pytotoxicity of insecticides and acaricides to anthuriums   [RES-097]  [1988]  PDF    
Quarantine pests commonly found in shipments from Hawaii   [IP-18]  [2004]  PDF    
Recomendaciones para el manejo integrado de plaga de la broca del café en Hawái 2016   [IP-41_Spanish]  [2017]  PDF    
Recomendaciones para el manejo integrado de plagas de la broca del cafe en Hawai 2015   [IP-33_Spanish]  [2015]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawai‘i 2015   [IP-33]  [2015]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawai‘i 2020   [IP-47]  [2020]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawaii 2013   [IP-31]  [2013]  PDF    
Recommendations for Coffee Berry Borer Integrated Pest Management in Hawaii 2016   [IP-41]  [2017]  PDF    
Red imported fire ant: a seriously harmful potential invasive species   [IP-3]  [2004]  PDF    
Root mealybugs of quarantine significance in Hawaii   [IP-6]  [2001]  PDF    
Scouting for thrips in orchid flowers   [IP-8]  [2001]  PDF    
Serious economic pests of coffee that may accidentally be introduced to Hawaii   [RES-156]  [1995]  PDF    
Stinging nettle caterpillar   [IP-22]  [2005]  PDF    
Taro root aphid   [IP-1]  [1997]  PDF    
Termites and Other Pests in Paradise   [HSP-4]  [2010]  PDF    
The Formosan subterranean termite in Hawaii   [HSP-2]  [1999]  PDF    
The Impact of CBB on the Economics of Coffee Production in Hawai‘i: 2007–2012 USDA Census Analysis   [IP-46]  [2019]  PDF    
The sweetpotato weevils in Hawaii; their biology and control   [TB-23]  [1954]  PDF    
Turf and ornamental pest control -- a guide for commercial pesticide applicators     [2002]  PDF     For sale
Twolined Spittlebug Identification Key   [IP-52]  [2022]  PDF    
Unlikely guardians of cropping systems: can birds and spiders protect broccoli from caterpillar pests?   [IP-26]  [2007]  PDF    
Use of living and dying mulches as barriers to protect zucchini from insect-caused viruses and phytotoxemias   [PD-36]  [2008]  PDF    
Using clovers as living mulches to boost yields, suppress pests, and augment spiders in a broccoli agroecosystem   [IP-27]  [2007]  PDF    
Using protector plants to guard crops from aphid-borne non-persistent viruses   [SCM-18]  [2007]  PDF    

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