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Office of Planning and Management Systems

Thomas Lim, Director
Office: GIL214B
Phone: (808)956-7429
Fax: (808)956-9105

Mark Burch, Allied Health & Safety
Office: EHSO
Phone: (808)956-7918
Fax: (808)956-3205

Marvin Chun, IT Spec
Office: GIL213A
Phone: (808)956-3386
Fax: (808)956-9105

Matthew Chun-Hori, IT Spec
Office: GIL214
Phone: (808)956-9113
Fax: (808)956-9105

Carl Dionne, IT Specialist
Office: GIL215C
Phone: (808)956-6734

Terri S Hee, Institutional Support
Office: GIL215A
Phone: (808)956-7767
Fax: (808)956-9105

Cheryl Izuka, Inst Supp
Office: GIL215
Phone: (808)956-4155
Fax: (808)956-8105

Elsie M Kawahara, IT Spec
Office: GIL214A
Phone: (808)956-6440
Fax: (808)956-9105

Kathy Lu, IT Specialist
Office: GIL213
Phone: (808)956-5762
Fax: (808)956-9105

Dan Paguirigan, IT Spec
Office: GIL214
Phone: (808)956-4156
Fax: (808)956-9105

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