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Program Goals*
  • Provide research that maintains and enhances production of established tropical and subtropical agricultural products.
  • Develop agricultural practices in the tropics and subtropics that are environmentally acceptable through an agroecosystems approach.
  • Enhance the role of value-added agriculture in tropical island ecosystems.
  • Expand and diversify presently unexploited food and fiber products which have potential for commercial production in the U.S. tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Expand tropical and subtropical agriculture's linkages to related industries and economic sectors.
  • Develop and deliver user-friendly decision support packages to help client needs.
  • Develop appropriate strategies and tactics to stem the influx of exotic diseases, insects and weeds and to control and/or eliminate extant non-indigenous species and diseases.
  • Enhance the linkages of agricultural and food production and consumption by designing foods and intervention strategies that lead to healthy and productive citizens in the tropical and sub-tropical regions.
*Check out the Strategic Plan and T-STAR History for more information in this area!