Grow Plants in Your Dorm, Home or Office



Well… research has shown that plants offer environmental benefits such as the ability to improve air quality by removing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) as well as adding humidity into the area. This is important since most indoor environments are air conducted which removes moisture from the air, and include furniture and carpeting that gives off gasses unhealthy chemicals. Other research has shown that plants remove dust from indoor environments, this is not only good for people but also benefits computers by limiting dust accumulation which can over heat components. Additionally, plants offer aesthetic and emotional values that are of equal or even greater importance.   For instance plants have been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and assist in reducing fatigue and aid in health recovery.   These are just a few examples why you should have plants where you work, live, and study.



Purpose of this Website

This website was created to help students and other individuals grow plants in their dorms, homes, or offices.  This website was made to help you with the plant selection process and to help your plant thrive at its location.

This website was also created for University of Hawaii at Manoa students and faculty members to gain knowledge about their lush landscape environment.  Plant names and a location descriptions are given to inform them about plants grown on campus.

This website was developed at University of Hawaii at Manoa in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.  A thank you goes out to the University of Hawaii Women's Campus Club that gave out the grant that made this website possible.  Thank you also to Dr. Kent Kobayashi and Dr. Andrew Kaufman of the Tropical Plant and Soil Science Department, who wrote the grant proposal and came up with the idea for this website.  Thank you to A. Ohama who put this website together.

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