Grow Plants in Your Dorm, Home or Office


Ways to Select a Plant Page Contents


   Lighting and Plant Location

     Low Lighting

     Medium Lighting

     High Lightning

   Low Maintenance Care


Lighting and Plant Location

Find below the lighting conditions of the location where you want to place your plant.

Low Lighting (Only supplemental lighting)

1.  Bromeliad

2.  Dwarf Azalea

3.  Heart Leaf Philodendron

4.  Impatiens

5.  Ivy

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Medium Lighting (Indirect light through a window)

1.  African Violet

2.  Cyclamen

3.  Gerbera Daisy

4.  Areca Palm

5.  Calla Lilies

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High Lighting (Partial or direct sunlight through a window)

1.  Aloe vera

2.  Anthruium

3.  Christmas Cactus

4.  Dendrobium

5.  Lady Palm

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  Low Maintenance Care

(in alphabetical order)

1.  Chrysanthemum

2.  Dracaena

3.  Easter Lilies

4.  Heart Leaf Philodendron

5.  Ivy


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