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Anthurium (Anthurium)

 Anthurium (Anthurium)


Anthurium plants come in many varieties of colored flowers.  These flowers come in reds, white, pinks, greens, etc.  These flowers are in a heart shaped form and have shiny green glossy leaves.  Anthuriums are very hardy plants, when the flowers are cut from the plant, these flowers can last up to 8 weeks long in a vase of water.


Anthuriums are able to bloom continuously throughout the year and should be kept in high lighted areas.  These plants need to have good drainage and the soil should dry out between watering.


In order for the Anthurium plant to bloom continuously, look for a well rounded blooming plant fertilizer.  Fertilize your plant every other month to insure your plant enough nutrients for good blooming.  To keep your plant healthy all dead, dried leaves and flowers must be removed to keep a healthy plant. 


If your plant dies, it would be best to buy a new plant.


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