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Impatiens (Impatien wallerana)

Impatiens (Impatien wallerana)  


Impatien plants are also know as Touch-Me-Nots.  They have thick stems and light green leaves.  Impatien flowers come in a wide variety of colors.


Impatien plants grow very rapidly so it is a good idea to prune them to your desired size.  it is best to let the water stand over night before you water the Impatien plant.  Water your plant when the top soil feels dry.  These plants do well in part shade and part sun lighting.


Impatiens have a low drought tolerance depending on the cultivar you choose.  Pick the right one for your area.  You can also ask a gardener at the flower shop.


Cuttings can be taken anytime of the year and are put into vermiculite to root.  Seeds can also be used to grow Impatiens.


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Impatiens (Impatiens wallerana)