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Ivy (Hedera Helix)

 Ivy (Hedera Helix)


The Ivy (Hedera Heliz) is most commonly known as the English Ivy.  These plants have an evergreen foliage and most widely seen crawling up stone or brick walls.


Water your Ivy thoroughly but not frequently.  When the plant seems dry, add water to the top of the soil only.  Do not allow the pot to stand continuously in water.  Ivies can do well in many different light conditions.  It is recommended that the plant be put in filtered or shaded light.  Ivies also respond well to fluorescent lights.  But never put indoor plants outdoors in full sunlight.  When fertilizing use a fertilizer high in nitrogen.  This will help the Ivies foliage do very well.  Apply fertilizer to soil only.


Begin training ivy when it is small.  Pinch off the ends of the shoots frequently to produce a bushy plant


Ivy plants sprout roots in between the leaf and the stem.  If you make a cut before that area of the rooting, that plant should be able to grow right away. 


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