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Project Name: Waters of Kawainui Marsh: An Educational/Interactive Web site
ASO Log No.: YO-377
Start/End Date: April 2000 through December 2001
Federal Funds: $29,310
Matching Funds: $57,106
Contractor: Lauren Apiki
Learning Education Technology (LET) Academy
2810 Oahu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Phone: 808-988-1952
Fax: 808-988-1953
Kawai Nui Marsh is a prime example of the long-term impact of non-point source pollution. Large amounts of rainwater flow through the residential and urban areas via storm drains and streams prior to entering the Marsh. Individual actions of residential and urban residents have a huge cumulative impact on water pollution.
Objectives/Goals: To increase student awareness regarding polluted runoff and to increase knowledge of what may contribute to polluted runoff going into the marsh by having Lanikai Elementary School 6th grade students research and gather information to produce an interactive website. <>
Methods Employed: The website was successful in getting students excited to learn about their watershed and to teach others about the impacts human activities have on the water quality within the watershed. The website has been receiving outstanding reviews and won a Gold Award at the 2001 International CyberFair. The website contains information regarding Kawainui Marsh and its watershed. Information ranges from data collected in the field, to the history of the area, to the causes of nonpoint source pollution in the watershed.
Pollutants of Concern: Metals, nitrates, phosphates, turbidity, cyanide, dissolved oxygen
Watershed: Kawainui Watershed, island of Oahu
Size of Project: N/A
Affected Water Bodies: Kawainui Marsh
Deliverables: CD-ROM of the web site “The Waters of Kawai Nui Marsh”
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