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Legume Inoculant  Production - Resources

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Legume Inoculant Production Manual
Author: Joe C. Burton

A comprehensive, practical manual on methods of growing rhizobia, making effective legume inoculants, and using them properly to maximize food, forage and fiber production.  It describes culture media; systems of screening and culturing rhizobia; selection and processing of carrier materials; preparation, processing and packaging of legume inoculants; quality control; regulatory standards; and, proper application of inoculants to leguminous seeds. Based upon Dr. Burton's many years of experience with large scale production, modifications for small scale production were also included in this manual written for NifTAL's training course on this subject.

I. Introduction    II. Rhizobia     III. Rhizobium Strain Selection   IV. Inoculants   V. Mass Culture of Rhizobia    VI. Carrier Materials   VII. Making Inoculants   VIII. Packaging   IX. Quality Control   X. Inoculation Methods   XI. References & Suggested Reading   

Appendices:  A. Media  B. Useful Stains    C. Bead Storage   D. Lyophilization   E. Seeds of Leguminous Plants   F. Sieve Sizes    G. Enumerating Rhizobia    H. Plant Growth Systems   I. Production of Broth in Simple Glass Fermentors   J. Common Conversion Factors     K. Useful Record Keeping Forms   L. Preservation of Nodulated Root Systems   M. Recommended Rhizobium Strains    N. Differential Media

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Dilution of Liquid Rhizobium Cultures to Increase Production Capacity of Inoculant Plants
Authors: P. Somasegaran and J. Halliday

Dilution of inoculant broth combined with use of sterile carrier enables small and simple production of large quantities of legume inoculant, and can even replace the need for a fermentor. 
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Inoculant Production with Diluted Liquid Cultures of Rhizobium Spp. and Autoclaved Peat: Evaluation of Diluents, Rhizobium spp., Peats, Sterility Requirements, Storage, and Plant Effectiveness
Author: P. Somasegaran

Sterile inoculant carrier is usually prepared by gamma irradiation.  This process is not usually available to producers in developing countries.  This publication reports results on inoculant production with autoclaved peat, use of the dilution technique, and evaluation of sterility, shelf life and plant effectiveness.

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The Micro-Production Unit Planning Guide
Author: J. Rourke

This booklet provides suggestions for facilities design and equipment options for small scale production of legume inoculants.  The versatility and economic advantage of the micro-production unit is based on the dilution technique and use of sterile carrier.

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